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Omo... I realize it's been way long....since I've posted anything(my life is pretty uneventful).
But I have something......TODAY I SAW FUDGING INFINITE H!!!!
My baby Dongwoo and Hoya....were just amazing. They actually are real and in front of me.
This was my first experience going to LAX to actually see an idol come....and I really enjoyed it. (Except standing up and waiting).
Since we were way up in the front....i have nice view and they actually noticed me and my friends!!!
As you can see I'm pretty close to them...
Screen shots from the video I took!
They passed right in front of me!!!
Hoya made eye contact with me!!
Here's the full video, sorry for my weird voice.
Trying to find a way to upload the full video. Hmm anyone now how to do that (in this new version of vingle).

post the vido to youtube and then post the link in vingle. BUT THEY WERE AT LAX. WHY!?
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@LemonLassie Ah already uploaded the link to it! heh
so lucky!!
man I wish I could see idols at an airport too
I would've died if hoya made eye contact with me. they'd be mopping me up off the floor of LAX
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@AubriePope Heh I have to give credit to my friend who took me there. Since she knows how much I've wanted to see Dongwoo (plus that Hoya was there) But yeah they are definitely real