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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1524 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 12/?
Jackson's Pov: He was staring at the dog and it started to smell the air and jackson looked at it as it raised an eyebrow. “What are you smelling boy?” He said trying to follow its face. Suddenly the dog jumped from his arms and started running back to the direction of the hospital. “Hey! Oh shit already.” He yelled and started chasing the dog. He had lost track for a minute but then saw it shaking its head on the floor as he started to walk close he saw someone pick it up. “Hey!” He yelled. And then stopped once he saw who it was. Then sighed in relief. Y/N’s Pov: You were walking home when you heard a man scream. You had stopped when something small had bumped into your feet. It was a dog, it looked to be in shock from the hit as it sat there shaking its head. You picked it up to keep it from running. “Hey there cutie!” You said and then looked up to find a relieved Jackson. “Hey Jackson, look at this little girl! She so cute!” “Yeah she's mine.” He said a little winded. “I didn't know you had a dog what's her name?” You asked. “It's a she?!” You laughed he didn't know the gender. “I'm guessing she's new, where'd you get her?” You asked. “I bumped into a guy and….well he couldn't take care of her. So I gonna look after” he cleared his through. “Her” you rolled your eyes. “That's really nice of you, but why was she running away from you?” You said raising an eyebrow. “She jumped out of my hands, I was lost in thought!” He with his dumb defensive look on. You rolled your eyes again. “Do you wanna come with me to get stuff for her?” He said running a hand through his hair and adjusting his hat. “Yeah, I'd love to, plus you don't know how to shop for women, right…. wait what's her name?” He face palmed. “Shit.” “Haha you'll come up something let's go, Tae showed me this really cool store about a block or two away.” You started walking with the dog and Jackson smirked. Chanyeol's Pov: He had looked out the hospital window and his heart dropped he saw y/n walking side by side with Jackson. He sighed. She's hanging out with him? After all that? He started going back to all the times him and you had. From the second day of Kindergarten to the first time he introduced you to Exo and then realized something. I've had my best moments with her as my best friend, and my worst with her as my baby. He laughed to himself and in a split second his smile was gone. He needed to tell you in way that wouldn't hurt you. He loves you and always will but can't lose the friendship he has with you. He made a plan as soon as he gets released he'll go and find you and Jackson. Tell you what you need to know, and Jackson that he's sorry and that you're all his. And if he ever hurts you he'll be the one in the hospital. Jackson's Pov: He loved being with you and shopping like you used to before all this happened. He missed you, not just because he had feelings for you, because you truly understand him. It was lunch and he was carrying the food to and he saw you look at the little coconut shaving on the table and then back at the dog. “Here, what are you doing?” He said placing the tray on the table. “Look!” She said picking up some of the shavings. “She looks exactly like the coconut shavings!” “Haha, hey! Coco means baby girl you know?” Said Jackson. “That's it!” She said with a wide smile. “That's what?” Jackson chuckled. “Her name can be Coco. She looks like coconut shavings and she's a baby girl, duh.” Jackson rolled is and looked at the door and his heart sank. Chanyeol was there and was probably ready to take y/n away from him again. He stared blankly into his drink as Chanyeol came up. “Hey y/n, hey Jackson….uh y/n can we talk?” There it was. “Yeah sure, hey!” Jackson looked up. “I'll be right back.” No you won't. He nodded and took Coco. Y/N’s Pov: You wanted to cry, but not out of sadness, you'd get to keep your best friend and it wouldn't be awkward. He brought up all the best points and you agreed. You hugged him and smiled. “I'm still gonna call you a monkey.” You joked. “You call me that anyway!” He mocked. “I um need to talk to Jackson now.” “Why?” You asked tilting your head. “It's about the medical bill.” He said pulling out a small piece of paper. “Oh hey, take that ring off and put it in your other ring finger, it'll be out friendships rings.” You rolled you eyes and did as he said and walked back to get Jackson. He was there staring off into space while petting Coco. You smiled at how much of a fuzz ball he was. “Hey Chanyeol needs to talk to you about the bill.” Jackson looked confused but handed Coco to you and walked Chanyeol's way. Jackson's Pov: His eyes lit up and could scream, he pulled Chanyeol into a hug. “Thank you man thank you thank you thank you thank you.” He said quietly but happy. Not wanting you to see or hear. “You better treat you right if she takes you got it!” Chanyeol said pulling away. “I swear I'll take care of her with my life…… that's if she take me, but I'll give her time. Swear.” He said holding up his right hand. Chanyeol rolled his eyes and left. Jackson jumped with joy and then stopped. He started to walk back to the table with confidence, but this time, he wanted to start over with you. He wanted to get to know you more than ever before.

One week later.

Y/N’s Pov: You were almost completely back to normal….well other than the psycho ex boyfriend trying to kill you. It was your last night bangtang and they took you out to their award show. Everyone was there, girl groups, solo groups, from all different companies. Bts wanted to make your last night with them special, so they talked the manager into letting you walk the red carpet with them. There you were walking hand and hand with Taehyung and Jungkook. They liked hanging out with you and Jackson, even Chanyeol came to hangout with you two. Your friendship with the guys has never been so strong. You were happy even though everything bad that could happen these past few weeks happened, you wouldn't change a thing. You made thank you cards for all the members and planed in giving them tonight. So you stop and pulled Taehyung to the side with Jungkook. “I um left something in the car, I'm gonna go back and get it.” Taehyung looked back at the guys. “Do you want us to go with you?” Jungkook asked looking into your eyes. “No it's fine, the cars not that far so I'm ok” you smiled and let go of them. “Ok, but if you need anything call us, okay?” Taehyung said obviously a little hesitant to let you go. “Yes sir!” With that you were skipping to the car. You hardly do anything nice for the guys and this would change that. After all they've had to deal with this week, you've felt completely awful. They did everything for you, so the least you could do is give them thank you cards. You grabbed the cards and locked the door. You started walking back and stopped. They looked so happy on that red carpet. Smiling, laughing, being able to relax. You started to walk towards them when you felt someone grab your hand. “Hello miss, your very pretty.” It was a man, he was decently young, defiantly stronger than you by the way he latched on your arm. “Thank you but I should really get goi-” you stopped as another guy grabbed your other arm. You dropped the card and started screaming. “Hey! Bangtang! Bangtang!” As you screamed a big white van started speeding your way. “BANGTA-” you were cut off by someone placing a cloth with some substance on your mouth and nose. You saw Yoongi and Jungkook spin around till the same person pulled you into the van that was now opened and behind you. The door closed and the last thing you saw were the guys starting to run towards you. You tried fighting, kicking and scratching. Till you vision began to blur and you were out cold. All you could think was how the hell do you keep getting yourself into these situations.