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In regard to this, YEH and JYH revealed a scene from the 3rd episode of ‘MHIYD’. They had a “secret night date” at a quiet office, where only two of them were left. While wet, they lovingly talked with one another with a blanket around their shoulders. Softly murmuring while intimately attaching shoulder-to-shoulder, the ultimate chemistry couple created a romantic atmosphere. The scene where they filmed “blanket date” that exudes “backlight”, took place on 11th at a set in Gyeonggi-do Ichun. It’s a scene where because of Mirae’s mistake, the two got soaked from head to toe, and are monitoring the edited cut while drying hair. YEH handily performed Mirae’s emotions of gratitude toward Seju, who took cover for her mistakes as if nothing happened. JYH also fully expressed Seju who watches Mirae with gentle gazes, fluttering the hearts of female staff who were present. On another note, YEH and JYH endured down-pouring of water from a sprinkler truck for nearly an hour. The two who didn’t fail to concentrate despite the heavy pouring streams. They also took care of each other in the cold and warmed the set. Especially, JYH showed incredible manners as he covered YEH who had to go on filming with long wet hair with a blanket, as well as portable heater and warm water. He was applauded by staff.