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Anime blades
What do you guys think? Are there any blades you would recommend I should add to my collection.
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ha I have sauske's sword too
7 months ago·Reply
are the SAO swords removable from sheaths and ya know, realistically usable haha?
7 months ago·Reply
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@Narutoshades *gasp* EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *fangirl moment* that's so cool and also will be too!!!
7 months ago
Get dantes sword from devil may cry
7 months ago·Reply
I think you may be right I'm almost done with that show and I like the way the sword looks
7 months ago
I would suggest the Murasame from Akame-Ga-Kiru, Yajirobi's katana from Dragonball Z, you know, something practical
7 months ago·Reply
I'd love to have that keyblade
6 months ago·Reply