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He held her hand as they went back up the stairs. She watched the back of his head thinking, why isn't he as mad about his hyung kissing her than before, what's different, did something change.

“Why aren't you mad?” she asked.

He stopped and looked back at her, “What do you mean?”

“I don't mean to bring it up but you were pretty mad the last time He came to me. What's so different this time?”

He hung his head, it wasn't easy for him to say or admit, “I was mad because… After I told him how I felt about you, he still chased after you. I was mad and afraid you would choose him, and mad because I didn't want to share you with anyone.” he said in that little pouty boyish way.

“And now?”

He looked at her, as he stepped back down to where she stood, “Don't think that just because I didn't blow up about it this time that it's okay to go to him. He's my friend and my brother. I would leave you,” he snapped his fingers, “just like that.”

She nodded, believing he would, “I can respect that.” She looked at her baby god, he was more mature than he let people think. She realized even after what he said before, that no one would ever separate them or come between them, that it had its own unwritten condition.

“Besides, he asked me if he could talk to you for a few minutes but I didn't expect him to kiss you.” He grabbed her wrist hard, jerking her arm but the move made her come closer to him, he growled a little in his throat, “Don't let that happen again. Understand?”

She nodded. She kinda liked how he was trying to be dominate even though he was younger than her. She smiled and stuck her lips out, he gave her a quick peck. They continued their way up the stairs.


“Are you going to come over tonight?” she asked into his ear. He was peeking through the little window, making sure no one was coming. He turned around to her, putting his hands on the sides of her face, he pressed his forehead to hers.

“I might be late, I'm supposed to go to a business dinner later. Will you wait up for me?”

She kissed his forehead, “forever if I have to.”

He told her to go out, then he headed up the stairs to the third floor, where he was supposed to be.

Just as she came out the door, straightening her clothes, pulling her hair back into a ponytail, she heard someone behind her.

“Ma'am, what were you doing in there?” a security guard asked.

She whirled around, startled, “oh my god! You scared me!“

“I'm sorry ma'am but what were you doing in the stairwell?”

“I had to go upstairs but the elevator wouldn't come down. Why, am I not to use it?”

“No. Just be careful. Sometimes the doors are locked and there's no way to open them from the other side.” He said walking her back down the hall. “And for your safety, I must tell you to be careful about wandering the building. We had a young woman get locked in a room downstairs, no one knew. She was nearly dead when we found her.”

Her eyes widen, “Really? Did she pull through?”

“I have no idea but she never returned. So please use the stairs on the east side, it's safer”

The security guard continued on as she walked into the studio. It was busy with people going to and fro. She seen her friend and went over to her.

“What's going on?”

Her friend looked up at her, “oh nothing… that little girl group we helped yesterday, cancelled. We were waiting for them for three hours, Three Hours!” she was trying to sort her supplies.

“At least you got out of the building for a while” noona said starting to help her. Three hours, she thought, is that how long I was down there with him. She hoped no one, whoever was here, had noticed her absence. A grin had spread across her face thinking about it.

Her friend all of a sudden grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the ladies restroom and into a stall.

“Unnie!” She puffed pulling cover-up out of her bag, “Really?!” She turned noona's head to one side and started dabbing her neck with the cover-up

Noona started laughing.

“This isn't funny. What if someone saw it?” She whispered.

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Oh shit!!! Yes!!!