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Chapter 2 I was trying to wrap my head around what we were doing. At the moment Jimin was currently in my kitchen making eggs. I wasn't sure what he was getting out of this arrangement he set up last night. "Do you want rice?" Jimin asked. "No just eggs" I shook my head. "Jiminie I'm curious about something" I said. "Wondering how it would feel if I went down on you?" He grinned cheekily. "Uhm" he put that image in my head. "Actually I was curious about this arrangement. What exactly are you getting out of this?" I asked. Jimin was silent for several beats before he turned back to me with a grin on his face. "Can't I want to be with a beautiful girl?" He questioned making me at are blankly at him. "Okay I want sex, but like you I don't have time for a relationship, or even to find someone." He said. "Oh so I'm convenient" I shrugged. "Also I'm comfortable with you" he added "That's comforting" I snorted. "Are you wanting to back out of this?" Jimin asked. "You can" he added, a bit of strain in his voice. "No no I'm game. But two conditions, if it interferes with work we can say no, and when we get bored of each other then we'll stop" I pointed out. "Deal" he said. "Or if we get in a relationship with someone else" he bit out which made me laugh. "I wouldn't worry about that one" I laughed. "Well then, so we're in agreement. We doing it?" He asked. "Yes" I grinned. “Good. Here's your breakfast” he grinned setting a plate in front of me.
We both ate and than Jimin headed out to go to work. I had a few things to do myself. Feeling a need for a little  feel good vibes I grinned and thought of our arrangement. Mine and Jimin's that is. I was done with all my work and it was late in the day. I called him up. "What is it?" Jimin answered his phone on the third ring. "Jimin" I moaned as I dipped my hand between my legs and touched myself. "What are you doing right now?" He asked "I have an ache" I told him. "What kind of ache?" I could hear the grin in his voice. "One that has my hand in between my legs" I teased. "Tell me more, what is your hand doing?" He questioned. "Hmm I'm rubbing my clit" I told him. "Are you rubbing your tits?" He asked. I hadn't thought of that. Wedging my phone between my ear and shoulder I slit my straps off my tank top and bared my breasts. "I am now." I answered. "Good girl, now put a finger in yourself" he instructed" he said. "Hmm I need something bigger than that" I groaned even as I did what he said. "Tell me what you need" he was grinning. "Jimin you know what I need" I hedged. "Tell me" he insisted. "Jimin I need you" I said. I was petting myself and feeling tingly all over, and I was craving him. "I'm on my way" he said. "Don't come without me" he added before hanging up. "I'm not sure about that" I said to no one. 10 minutes later there was a noise at my door then it was opening and Jimin walking into my apartment. I was sitting on the couch, my legs open and my shirt down exposing most of my skin. Jimin looked me over and licked his lips. "I'm a very good friend" he said as he stepped forward and stood in front of me. "Yesss" I hissed "you are. Now give it to me!" I exclaimed. I'd been on edge for the last few minutes but was holding back. "I better get to work" Jimin grinned as he went to his knees. "I've been thinking about how you taste all morning" he said to my pussy. His hand moved mine aside and his breathe I could feel against my skin. Jimin dabbed his tongue against my folds and my hips bucked against him. His hands went to my thighs to hold me still, to anchor me down and he started licking, his tongue teasing my flesh. I groaned. One hand remained pinching my nipple but the other went to his head and my fingers tangled in his hair. It was unexpected that I came as he teased me. When he came up for air he was looking up my body. Jimin grinned at me. "You taste good" he commented. "Are you ready for me?" He questioned. I nodded. Shifting around on the couch jimin pulled himself out of his pants and getting himself ready. He was already hard but he stroked himself several times before putting a condom on. he laid himself atop me. His body was so firm and solid, my arms wrapped around his waist as he teased my entrance with the tip of his cock he teased until I was squirming for more and then he entered me. Jimin pumped in me each stroke bringing me closer and closer and when he came I did too. His body relaxed against mine and I smiled into his shoulder. "You're so warm" he groaned holding onto me. I wasn't sure what kind of comment that was but it made me chuckle. Shortly after I got myself dressed as Jimin fixed himself up. We met back in the main room. "Did I interrupt work?" I asked. "No, I was on my way over here already" he chuckled. "Oh" I said “why?” I asked. “ Movie tonight” he said. “That's right, movie night” I chuckled. Both of us settled on the couch after picking out a movie. We acted like we always did, making fun of the people on screen when they did something stupid, quick whips of humor going between us. It was like how we always were. By the time we were putting in the second movie, Tae and Kookie were Joining us coming with food as a greeting. We had ourselves a little food party. It was like just because we had sex, didn't mean we couldn't be friends and comfortable with each other. As I watched the movies I thought about how I was going to enjoy this as much as I could. I just had to remind myself that it would not lead to anything, this was just about getting off, nothing else.

Oh the lies we tell ourselves... I do wish I had an attractive guy friend to have this arrangement with myself
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