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Hiro Mashima Manga
For those of you who don't know the other manga made by Hiro Mashima.
Natsu is from Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Chapter 1

Shiki is from Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter manga chapter 1

Aki is from Monster Soul

Monster Soul manga chapter 1

Haru is from Rave Master

Rave Master Manga Link

I'm adding the link because it doesn't get exciting until a few chapters pass . . .

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aki totally looks like luffy to me😂
5 months ago·Reply
that's what I thought when I first started reading the manga
5 months ago
Haru will always be my favorite! I used to watch Rave Master all the time when I was a kid. The manga was at my middle school library too.
5 months ago·Reply
My favorite is Natsu because he is the main character of my favorite show. I finished both the manga and anime for Rave Master
5 months ago