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One more hour til home. You close your eyes as another memory continues after the last.
The next morning your phone had pinged.
Jaejoong: Busy schedule today, can you chat later?
Y/N: Sure, okay.
Jaejoong: Great.
You wondered what he wanted to chat about but soon got lost in research and blocked it from your mind. By late afternoon you have more than enough recipes for the next several weeks and leave to go to the market.
As you’re prepping the vegetables, your phone rings.
“Jaejoong, hold on a minute.” You put your phone down and push speaker so that you can continue with your chopping.
“Okay, sorry. How was your day?”
“Am I on speakerphone?”
“Uh, yeah. I’m cooking and needed both hands.”
“Is your roommate home?”
“I don’t have one anymore. My girlfriend got into your company and lives in the dorms now. No worries, no one can hear you but me.”
“I wasn’t worried about that.” There is silence for a minute then he continues, “Did you say you’re cooking?”
“Yep. Everyone has to eat, including me. I’m trying out another one of the recipes.”
“Without me?”
He had sounded hurt and that puzzled you. “I normally cook by myself, habit from living alone.”
“But you’re trying out one of the recipes right?”
“Yeah, I just said that.”

You aren’t sure why the next words came out of your mouth but they did. “Would you like to come taste it? It won’t be done for another 30 min.”
“Yes, I’ll be right over, but you have to tell me where you live first.”
Your mind moved forward to after he had arrived, towards the end of the meal.
“You really do cook well.”
You had blushed. “I just followed the recipe. I’m amazed it actually turned out.”
“Not everyone can follow a recipe successfully.”
“True. However, I want this article to be about the fact that anyone can make these dishes. Kind of, If I can Anyone can.”
He had laughed and the sound danced in your ears, his smile lighting up the room.
“That’s good. I think many people will enjoy your article. I think we should talk about it on the VAPP when we make the ‘spicy’ recipe next.”
He had said it with what looked like a bit of mischievous gleam in his eye. Before you could stop yourself, your heart had skipped a beat. Pushing past it for a distraction you continued with the conversation.
“So, you wanted to chat tonight. Everything okay?”
He had stood up and began removing the dishes. You packed up leftovers into two containers, intending to send one home with him.
“Yeah,” he said with his back to you, wiping down the counter. “I find you’re easy to talk to.”
With that he had turned to you but you were already heading in to wipe down the table.
“I hope you don’t mind that?" he continued. "I feel like we could be really good friends.”
You smiled to yourself sadly. Just as with them all, forever friend zoned. You turned however, with a bright smile. “Why wouldn’t I be okay with it? You are equally easy to talk to, it’s rather nice.”
He came over, grabbed the bottle of wine and his glass. “In here or?”
“No, please.” You had grabbed your glass and led him over to the couch.
Your mind raced forward through many nights of phone calls, tea times, and impromptu visits to just chat. You had filmed two more episodes for the VAPP and despite his persistence you still were not anywhere to be seen.
As the bus pulled into the station, you hopped off and stretched tired muscles that had been sitting far too long. Your phone started pinging with missed calls and messages. Cell service had been non-existent for most of the trip back; for that you had been grateful.
It was now early morning and all you wanted was to sleep. You hailed a taxi and started scrolling through the texts.
Yoochun: Are you alright? Why did you leave? I’m worried about you.
Junsu: Y/N-ah you didn’t have to leave; we have had words with Hyung. He won’t tell us why he forced himself on you. We are worried, please answer.
Texts had continued that way, sent each half an hour. You smiled at the last ones received.
Yoochun: I worried all night, than remembered you had no service. Please text me when you arrive home so that I know you are okay. I will sleep then.
Junsu: Hyung is an idiot; do not let him ruin our friendship. Yoochun reminded me you had no service, sorry for all the texts but we care about you. None of us want to stay now that you are gone, we are returning today. Will you see me so that I can check on you?
His brothers were sweethearts. You counted them, all of them actually, as real friends. Jaejoong’s kiss wouldn’t have been a problem if he hadn’t said what he did after. His words still biting and replaying in your head.
You open your door, drop your bags and slide to the floor.

‘I’m simply proving a point. That the NOT lady is NOT theirs.’

Yay! There's my man, I've been waiting for him, and he's so thoughtful. You definitely know how to leave a sister anxiously awaiting more. Beautifully done!
yasss! let me put my knitting down and read this!!!