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Lee started to run every morning at 5 or 6. She would maybe get 1 hour of sleep. 2 if she was lucky. But after the letter, her nightmares grew so she just tried to avoid it completely. Running seemed to make her feel better.
At first Jin struggled to go as far as her but now he seemed to be in better shape than her. He made breakfast while she showered and she made coffee while he did. They always at together but Lee didn't want to talk. So they ate in silence.
It had been two weeks since the letter and Lee showed signs of feeling better, to those outside her apartment. But Jin knew other wise. Lee cried but not as quietly as she thought. Anytime they touched, she flinched and quickly left the room he was in.
On the weekend Jin went out. Lee stayed home and blast music, cleaned, learned how to dance. She tried anything to keep her moving and focused.
A few weeks later, Jin spoke.
"Lee, I'm concerned about you."
Lee looked up from her plate of eggs and stared. "Why?"
"By now, most clients beg to go out or be left alone in public. But you don't even try to go anywhere. You have been making excuses about going to the grocery store. At work you just help in the kitchen. Customers have asked about you."
Lee have her best 'I'm okay' smile she could form. "I just don't feel like talking with others. I'm good."
"You sure?" Jin have her all of his attention for this answer.
"Yeah. Its all good." Lee went back to her eggs. As she focused on them, they spoke to her.
"Lying bitch. Haha why don't you tell him the truth? You know you like him and trust him."
Lee ignored them. Her food had been talking to her for a few days. She knew it was because she was going on 2 days of no sleep with just a hour before that. She was on the verge of a break down and she knew it.
Lee got up and took care of her plate having hardly eaten much. She could feel Jin watching her. She just walked towards her room when he reached for her hand. She froze.
"Don't push me away. I do care, probably more so than I should. I'm here of you need me." He let her go and she left him at the table. She liked it when he touched her. It made her feel normal. But he couldn't always do that so she wanted to not feel it as much as possible.
That day she didn't want to go to work. Instead she asked around if people wanted to go out for some drinks with her so Jin would believe her. Her friends agreed and she told him the plan. He smiled and ran to get ready.

Later that night

Lee wore a tight fit blue dress that went to her mid-thigh. It was a low cut in the back and showed a little cleavage. They sleeves were down to her fore arm. She wore black wedges and her hair and down and curled. Lee stood at the door waiting for Jin. When he walked out of hos room, she stared.
Jin had a black slacks and a pink button up. He wore a black jacket on top. She loved him in pink. and this just made him look like a total bad ass.
"You look stunning." Jin said as he held his arm out for her. She smiled and took it. They went outside and got a taxi.
On the way there, they talked like normal people. Laughing and joking. There was so much in store for them that this would be the calm before the storm.....

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I'm hoping to write Pt 8 later today. Enjoy my dears!
damn cliffhanger (ಥ_ಥ) I won't make it to the next chapter I'll be dead because the curiosity is going to get the best of me I swear (T⌓T)
oh my gosh ..the creeper is going to be the taxi driver....or or at the party or ahhhh so may things can happen!!!! I can't wait for the next update