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Hello Melody! We are celebrating BtoB 5 year Anniversary with an event. We are going back in time to share some of our favorite moments, live performances and mvs. I'll be sharing some of my favorite live performances from 2015.
'WOW' live performance

'WOW' live performance in Hong Kong
'It's Okay' live performance
'It's Okay' Comeback Stage on Music Core
'It's Okay' Show Champion

What are your favorite BtoB live performances? We would Love to see your favorites.

A mini group photos of BtoB from 2015

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No one can forget the live performance where MinHyuk ripped his pants and everyone saw his pretty red underwear.
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@JaxomB That was in 2015? I need to find that 😂
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@JaxomB thanks! 😊
9 months ago