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Que tal peeps!

Its here! WAKE UP YALLLL!!

Video below!


Lyric Video Below!

These lyrics are super deep and actual have meaning. Some fans were surprised by the lyrics. I'm like where yall been. Namjoon is super smart and in tune with what goes on around the world! No shade but all T Namjoon is not your average Kpop idol. He's diverse and actual learn and keep learning about this thing called Hip-hop. He has international fans so it's a must for him that he knows what happening to them. Namjoon is just awesome like that! Wale is one of the few real hip hop artists left. He is an anomaly and it's a shame. All this new American hip hop is garbage and need to get back to its roots by looking up to artists like Wale. I hope this will be the song to shed some light on these blind ass ppl (forgive my ranting lol).

I loved this so much, I've been waiting all my life for this collab 😭💜
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this is what happens when you have two deep rappers and I loved every second of it all
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I had such a hard and long day at work today and seeing this vid as soon as I got home made everything so much better. This is definitely gonna be on repeat
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