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Hello everyone!~ I'm finally on Spring Break, so I have time to get all caught up!!! All my cards are planned out and everything, so I hope you can anticipate them!

Now, I know that Jooheon's Mixtape is somewhat of old news, but I thought I could try to dig deeper into the song "Rhythm" specifically and give my take on it all~
So the song itself is lit! There's no denying that on my end, and from a first glance it appears to just be a music video filmed on the streets with no real planning, however, an article written by Soompi makes me think otherwise~
"‘Rhythm’ is an autobiographical track written by Jooheon. Through his lyrics, Jooheon captures individual moments that he felt while promoting [as an artist]. The music video for ‘Rhythm’ was also filmed in Hong Kong.”
Which makes me believe that Hong Kong must have been chosen for a specific reason?

Let's take a look at the lyrics:
(I added both because it makes more sense once you've seen both via personal experience.)

To me, it sounds like in the first verse he talks about his feelings when writing lyrics, and how writing lyrics makes him really happy.

Now, I haven't seen Jooheon on SMTM4, so if someone would please inform me on what happened there, I would really appreciate it!~

That aside, it appears that the next verse is him talking about how someone there who dissed him gave him more strength in the end, even if he is a little bitter?
Nonetheless, I hope you all like the track as much as I do!

Tell me in the comments your opinion on this track!

That's all for this post! I'll see you all soon! ❤ I hope you're all having a wonderful day~

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