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Heyyyy, my little Trustees. I know I haven't updated in a while. So don't hate me or try to hurt me. It's just been so hella busy are here with me getting used to classes and midterms and then breaks(which isn't an excuse but I'll still use it) and me working night shifts until 3 in the morning while having to get right back up at 8 for class. Plus with the extra drama around me. So please please please accept my deepest apologies for not being a good writer. I will try my best to get better with it and continue to write more frequently. If not every week it will be every other week. So please don't leave meeeeee. Here if you want to catch up or refresh you memory: Chapter 1. Chapter 2Chapter 3
Ever since Ravi found out that Leo was a student at his school, he would always try to find a way for these two to meet up. Majority of the time it would be during their lunch break, out back in the garden. Ravi did quite a bit of the talking while Leo listened and distracted himself with his garden. In a sense you could say they were beginning to get comfortable with one another. But Leo could not find it in himself to be able to truly adjust to having someone around that was close to the same age as himself. "Maybe," Leo thought to himself, "if I stop coming out here for a while he might go ahead and leave me be." Thinking to himself that if he could make Ravi leave now, he would not have to worry about getting hurt later on if something was to ever happen and lose the idea of getting even remotely close to each other. The next day, Ravi came out to the garden to find it empty and strangely quiet. So he took a seat on one of the benches that was closest to where they would normally be together at. After waiting for what felt like an eternity for Ravi, he decided to go back indoors. "Maybe he had something else he needed to do that needed his attention today." Ravi came to this conclusion while heading to his next class, trying to make things seem better than what he could have let his imagination go towards. Days began to turn into a week and then into weeks. Leo had thought that by now or long ago Ravi would have given up and stopped coming to see him. But everyday without fail he would find him outside, waiting as if like a toddler waiting for their parents to come back to get them from kindergarten. So Leo went ahead and went to where Ravi had been and as if his seventh sense had kicked in, Ravi looked back to see a moping Leo walking towards his direction.
"Hey, what happened to you? I thought that something had happened to you or that I had done something wrong to make you not want to come back out here anymore..." noticing that he was starting to do his usual, he stopped himself and took a deep breath to let his mind catch up to the rest of him. " have not done anything wrong. It's just that this was all so new for me and I did not really know how to handle it all. So I thought that if I just slowly disappeared you would find me odd or ended up giving up on me and leave like how everyone else usually does." Ravi sat there in silence for the longest two minutes they could have ever dealt with in that moment. "I am so sorry for making you feel like th-". Leo cuts him off short realizing the guilt of what he was and has been doing in time past. "No, no, no. Do not apologize because it is not your fault. If anything it is mine since I am always the one doing this whenever I feel like people are getting closer with me. I just do not want to mess up or I get hurt so before that happens, I decide to push people away." Leo realizing that he just spilled out his feeling to Ravi for the first time, he just hung his head in embarrassment and to hide how red his face was becoming from doing so. Ravi recognized that at the same time that it made sense but still could not bring himself to be separated from Leo after only such a short period of time. Without him fully taking notice as to how attached he had gotten with him or how many of the motions he would go through whenever meeting or seeing him were of those some individuals would do whenever that person liked or had a strong attraction to someone else. "Well I have a strong belief that you would not mess up or make me run away. If anything it would probably end up being me that could have you run for the hills. But I still want to try being your friend... only... umm if you will let me." Ravi could feel the heat creeping up the back of his neck and flowing towards his face in nervous, embarrassment. "Not like I want to force you to be friends with me or anything, then again I don't want to make it seem like I do not want to be your friend either so..." "Yes we can be friends." Ravi face lite up so fast that he could catch himself in time enough until after he starts doing small jumps and dancing, making Leo loosen up and giggle a little bit. "Really? Like for real for real?" "Yes. For real fore real." "Yeah.... I mean it's not like I was looking for anything of the sort but, oh well. Oh I never really introduced myself before. My name is Kim Won-sik but some people call me Ravi instead." Holding his hand out to shake it. "My name is Jung Taek-woon but my family just calls me Leo," he reaches out to do the same. "It is a pleasure to meet you and to now be friends, but the question is who is older?" "Ah, um, most likely you I was born in '93. So I will be calling you either Leo hyung or Taekwoon hyung. All up to you?" "Didn't realize I was that much older than you." Ravi looked a bit confused. He couldn't possibly be that much older than him. "What do you mean? How old are you?" "I was born in '90. So I am about three years older than you. So hyung is just about right." Ravi's mouth just hung wide open once he heard the year. All this time he thought they were same age or at least like a few months apart. But it didn't matter to him all that much inside. Since deep down he was too excited about the fact that they were now going to be friends and get to see each other more often.
"Wow hyung, you look so young I would not have been able to tell until you told me just now. Oh, hyung, when is the next time you don't have to work at your restaurant or anything like that?" "I think I don't have to work this coming Friday. Why do you ask?" "I was wondering if you wanted to come to a studio I go to and see what that is like since you play music as well." "As well? I take it that you play something like me? Or do you write music instead?" Ravi kind of stood there in silence because he had no intentions of ever telling anyone about the stuff that he wrote or as to how he would enjoy singing and coming up with lyrics. But somehow or another it somewhat what just flowed out of him naturally as if they had known each other years upon years and he was just now letting him in on a secret he had kept for that long. "You don't have to tell me if you do-" "Ah sorry, I really did not even mean to say that but I can tell you. I write songs and raps. Most of them probably aren't any good but I try." Leo looked at him and thought it was kind of cute that he was sharing with him something that he guessed had not told others before. As well as to how he looked to bashful while tell him what he did. It almost made him want to pat him on his head to reassure him that his work could be the best thing he has ever heard of and to not disregard what hard work he has done thus far. But he still was not comfortable with that fact so he just gave his best words of encouragement. "I might think it's good so don't diss it just yet." It could easily be seen as to how red Ravi's face was becoming after hear those kind words. With his hand on the back of his neck he finally brought himself to answer. "So I'll give the address and meet me there Friday. Cool?" "Cool with me. Here's my number. " Shortly after exchanging their phone numbers break was just ending. Not even familiarizing with where they were until they heard the noon bell chime off. Splitting ways each in there own world the rest of the day. Ravi feeling accomplished and happy instead for Friday. While Leo had an awakening moment of thinking that it somewhat felt like a date, but soon brushed it off and focused on the rest of the day at hand. Not realizing that both of them were humming the rest of the day and to the same song as well. @QueenLee @AgentLeo @LoKey @AmberRelynn @exokpop12385 @ashrose33 @Starbel808 @SindyHernandez @BabydollBre @hyesung72 @goinnutz22 @RubyDusky @Mikim000 @gabbycalzada @GriseldaZenger @twistedPuppy @Sailynn @KpopBeat @MichelleIbarra @BrennaTran @PrincessUnicorn @JaxomB @CrookedShadow @MaritessSison @Abby97 @kpopandkimichi @HayleyYates @TriciaWilliams @ShinoYuki @OliviaEdwards @anarevilla34 @Princess2425 @SNBlackRose @aaliyahsc1221 @sung1rl99674 @tinafalcon22
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