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Wassup guys!!!! Happy Sunday folks!!!!!! I hope everyone's enjoying themselves today. I also hope you all enjoy this next chapter as well to. As aways, feedback is welcomed!!!!!!! Now onward with the chapter!!!!!! FYI, I am not responsible for the feelz that come with this chapter!!!!!
You hear a knock on your door at work and your boss walks in. You looked up and wondered what was going on. "Y/N, you do know that you are supposed to meet Jay at the studio in an hour. Unfortunately, Jay just called me to postpone to this Saturday. He wants it to be an all day thing so we're doing this this Saturday. Be ready by 8 am." Whelp, there goes sleeping in, you thought. So what happens tonight, you asked. "Well, he suggested a dinner just the two of you to talk on more on how he wants his album to go along with promotions", he said. You resisted to roll your eyes. And this couldn't  be done through meetings, you thought. You knew you had to grin and bear it. Tonight where is this dinner supposed to take place at, you asked. "I made reservations at your favorite place. I hope you two enjoy and report back to me first thing tomorrow morning." your boss said. Wait, you're not coming??? you asked. "Not tonight unfortunately, but I will be there on Saturday." Alright, I'll report back in the morning. you say. You smiled at your boss and thanked him.

Inside, your stomach were in knots. That slickster!!! I can't believe he would just do that!!!! I know that there's an alternative motive behind this!!! OOHHH, just wait till tonight Jere, I'm so gonna get even with you¡!!! Hold up, did I just called him Jere?? Fuck my life!!!! I don't even like you like that!!!!!

You reach your favourite restaurant 20 minutes early. The hostess seats you at your favorite table overlooking the ocean and you waited for Jay. You sipped on your drink while looking at the ocean. For some odd reason, any type of water has a calming effect on you. You was relaxed, yet you was still furious. "I didn't think you would show up, y/n", said a voice from behind. You turned around to find Jay smiling at you. You huffed and gave him the evil eye as you turned back around in your seat. "Well hello to you too, thank you for coming out tonight. I know you want to kill me right now, but I hope that this breaks the ice", he says. I appreciate the offer, but next time ask me and not through my boss, you said as you started to gather your things to leave. Jay suddenly grabs your arm. You felt an electric shock go through you and you looked at him with big surprise eyes. Jay must have felt it as well as he instantly let go.

You dropped your things and fled to the restroom. Once inside, you turned on the faucet and splashed your face with cold water. There's no way. NO!!!!  After all these years!!! It can't be!!!! I still can't have feelings for him. No, they are supposed to be long gone!!!! Where are these feelings coming from??? I know I can get lonely, but damn!!!!! I'm not that desperate!!!! Get it together y/n!! You can't let Jay know what just happened. Keep it business with him and get the fuck out of there, FAST!!!!!! 

You dried your face off and walked back to your table. "Is everything okay, y/n?" Jay asked. Yeah, I'm good, you said. So my boss said that you wanted to talk more on your album and how it's going to be promoted, yes? You got back to business and you both worked out the kinks on the promotional side. The album portion you both would have to wait until Saturday once you hear what he has to offer.

You were heading to your car when Jay stopped you. You turned around and waited for him to catch  up to you. "Y/N, why did you head off so fast earlier? Did I do something wrong?" he asked. You brushed it off like nothing happened. No I'm fine. I just felt really hot at that moment, don't worry about it, you said as you unlocked your door. "Don't deny it, I know you felt it too. Do you still have feelings for me y/n?" he asked. You started to fidget and your face became flushed. No, my feelings died for you when you broke my heart, you retorted as you opened your door. Jay quickly closed your door. "Don't lie to me y/m. Your eyes and your body are saying something different." He took a step closer and caressed your cheek. Your body erupts with goosebumps and you found yourself wanting him to kiss you. You quickly snapped out of his trance and smacked his hand away. I told you once, and I'm telling you again. I. DO. NOT. HAVE. FEELINGS. FOR. YOU. Now would you be so kind and let me go? You snapped. Jeremiah opened you door for you and said, "I'd never stopped loving you, you know." You looked at him with a tear coming down from your cheek and softly said I have to go. You started your car as you closed the door and sped off.  Jay looks at your car as he pulls out your necklace you gave to him. I know you still have feelings for me. It's written all over your body. I'll wait for you as long as it takes. I love you, y/n.
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