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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new week and some new songs. As you can see from the title this is a post about the long rumored collaboration between BTS's Rap Monster and American rapper Wale.

First and most important question, how do you like the song?
Were you expecting a song like this? Were you surprised when Wale shouted outRap Monster, BTS and ARMY's in his verse or were you happy and excited? Do you even listen to Wale? How do you feel about Rap Monster rapping in English? Was it exciting and do you want to hear more songs like this? What do you think?

I can tell you right off the back that I listened to the song a couple of times and even repeated the part were Wale shouted out BTS and ARMY's because I was just stunned at that part. And I honestly like this song. I say this because I'm usually weary when I hear a Korean artist I like listening to and an American artist I don't usually listen to are going to collaborate on something because I don't know that American artists style. Heck let's be honest I don't even really listen to American artists like that anymore. I mean since I got sucked into the Kpop Universe I haven't found the brain capacity to remember any American artists even if I used to listen to them a lot. So it's safe to say that I would worry that the song would come out a bit awkward to my ears. Fortunately not in this case though. I truly love this song.

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I love this song so much I don't care what it sounds like anything with rap monster is amazing now as for wale I only know of him because he did a song with lady gaga do I like him he's ok I guess I am so proud of you bts and us army's seriously though as for the video I didn't know what to expect