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Warning: LONG (lol)

Jiyong fell asleep on the couch shortly after Jak left. He awoke to a darkened sky and a dry, scratchy throat.
When she didn’t answer he got up and walked over to turn the lights on. Wincing slightly he was glad that the worst of the hangover was over. He would have sworn Jak had been here earlier, wasn’t she? He walked back in and caught sight of the photos on the table. Out of curiosity he picked them up and started flipping through them.
He yelled as he slammed them back on the table, remembering that Jak had been there and he had told her to leave. Every cuss word in his vocabulary, in every language came out of his mouth as he threw his jacket on and grabbed his keys off the foyer table. His hand brushed against another set as he snatched them up and he stopped, mid-step. Closing his eyes he turned and looked down to focus in on Jak’s set of keys.
“No,” he moaned, picking them up and turning them over in his hand. He pocketed them and sped out the door, while dialing his phone.
He got her voice mail. “Hi this is Jak, if you don’t speak I don’t you call back. If you don’t tell me who you are and I don’t recognize your number, you’re screwed. If this is an obscene call, just go F yourself, don’t get me involved. Oh, I’m supposed to be nice, Have a Nice Day!”
He couldn’t help but smile at her sassy voice mail and the bored look on her face that he pictured while she recorded it.
“Jak, it’s me. I don’t remember much about earlier but I need to explain about the pictures. Why did you leave your keys? This isn’t happening Jak, I told you I’m not going anywhere. Damn it, why aren't you answering your phone? Call me back, I’m on my way to you.”
A few minutes later he got a text.
THM: You did go somewhere, Japan. Hope you had a real good time, go back.
Mr Kwon: Bloody hell Jak, I can explain. Those pictures you left weren’t what they looked like.
THM: Never are.
Mr Kwon: Would you let me explain?!? I’ll be there in a few minutes.
THM: Good luck with that.
Mr Kwon: What’s that suppose to mean?
He never got a reply.
He pulled up to JiHye’s house and rang the bell. She looked surprised when she saw him.
“GDragon? What are you doing here?”
“I’m here to see Jak. She probably will say she isn’t here but I have to explain some things, can I come in?”
“Well, you can come in but Jak isn’t here.”
He stopped halfway through the doorway, “Where is she?”
JiHye shrugged, “ I don’t know actually. She moved out about the middle of the week, said she found somewhere and didn’t want to be a bother to me anymore.”
He stood there stunned, seeming at a loss of what to do or say. He seemed to remember her saying she had a place when he tried to hand her something earlier. He thanked JiHye and heads back out to his car.
Mr Kwon: Jak, please let me explain. I didn’t cheat on you. Where are you?
THM: I actually believe that but you wanted space earlier and I need it now.
Mr Kwon: I love you.
THM: I know.
Texts came in for the next few days, they all went unanswered but still they came.
Mr Kwon: I miss you. Are you eating? Please tell me you’re alright.
Mr Kwon: Goodnight Babe, I love you.
Mr Kwon: Good Morning Beautiful, please eat well today.
Mr Kwon: I’m not going anywhere. Counting down the minutes til you let me see you.
One the third day Jak had a modeling shoot with multiple photographers and models. It was an all day event and very tiring as many models do not eat before a shoot. Around lunch, shouts came from crew that had gone outside for break.
“Hey! There’s a lunch truck outside! Who’s Jak?”
Jak’s head turns and the make-up artist stops. “What?”
Fingers are pointed at her and all eyes are in her direction.
“There’s a food truck outside with a big banner on it. It has your picture and name on it. Is it for everyone?”
Jak gets up, tightens her robe and walks out to the parking lot. There is indeed a food truck with her & Jiyong’s picture, her name on the side. She walks up to the owner, who is waiting patiently beside it.
“I’m Jak.”
The man smiles, holds his hand out to shake. “Hold here please.”
He returns a moment later with a lunch bag just for her and a package on the top.
“I am to give this to you only and serve the rest of your crew whatever they are wanting.” He bows to her and climbs back in to open the window and start business.
As the crew move past her to place orders she numbly walks back inside with her bag. Finding a secluded corner she sits down and pulls out her phone.
THM: The crew thanks you.
Mr Kwon: I love you.
Mr Kwon: Are you done being alone? You’re killing me over here.
THM: I don’t know.
Mr Kwon: Have you opened the package?
Mr Kwon: Please do.
Jak pulled out the manila envelope and broke the seal. She lifted out a sheet of paper and photos. The photos were similar to the ones she had printed off the web but different. They had a time and date stamp from someone’s camera. She started reading the letter; he had used her real name.
My dearest _______;

I am sorry for the pain I’ve caused you. I will explain here since you have successfully hidden yourself away from me; that pains me.

Japan was a working vacation. I did not invite you along as I knew you weren’t ready for that step yet. It is hard enough to stop myself at home, being away together, I was unsure of myself. I missed you beyond acceptance and felt I was making a fool of myself by texting and calling so often. So I tried to pull back the second week.

I’ve given you the actual pictures that were taken, not the photo shopped ones that appeared in the media. I have already started suit proceedings against them. As you can see, it was not just she and I, but she, I, and her fiancé. She had come to tell me her news and introduce us. The club picture, yes we were both drunk but she more than I and what you don’t see is her fiancé next to me, who I passed her off to.

I was cross the day you came over, not at you but myself. I’ve never had a relationship like ours and honestly, it’s killing me. Don’t take that wrong. It is showing me my weaknesses, you make me want to be a better, stronger man and prove that I can withstand any temptation as long as I get to be with you.

Please tell me where you are. I need you.

Jak picked up the pictures. At the pool there is one other lounger, closer to the woman that had been photo shopped out. On the street, he still had his arm around her but what had been cropped was the arm around her waist, her arm around that same man. Jak put everything back in the envelope, pulled out her food and mindlessly started to eat. After a few bites she got up and threw the rest away. Tears weren’t for anyone else to see, especially not at work. The pictures hadn’t been the issue, his telling her he didn’t want her there was. She wasn’t sure when the pain from that would go away.
Jiyong waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to text. ‘She has to understand, I can’t do this anymore without her.’ He tried to distract himself by playing with edits but he couldn’t concentrate. Even though the guys understood, they weren’t going to let him put things off for much longer. He finished his drink and crushed the can in his hand. It felt good to hurt something, he needed somewhere for all the emotion to go. He’d been working out more than usual, hoping it would exhaust him enough to sleep at night. Some nights it worked, most nights it didn’t. He had remembered their shared calendars on one sleepless night and had regained hope.
As he threw the crushed can across the room at the wall, his phone beeped. He snatched it up with eagerness, praying he wouldn’t be let down.
THM: L7 Myeongdong Rm 143
Wow!! run run!! I can't wait until she let's him have it!! Side note: long is more than fine! longer is preferable. Thanks, mgmt.
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These aren't tears......I promise......
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