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Sleep didn’t come as much as you wanted it. You tossed and turned, finally getting up to take a hot bath and drink some tea, in hopes they would help.
Being in the bath brought back more memories.
Jaejoong had introduced you to his brothers around the third VAPP. You knew who they were but meeting them in person was a joy. They were amazingly kind and genuine. How in the world did giant KPOP superstars keep that humility? You knew of their business history and figured it had kept them on the level, they were an inspiration.
When they invited you to their retreat, their non-filmed retreat as a group you had paused and been reluctant.
Junsu had started the coercing, “Come with us, you know you want to.”
He’d clapped his hands together, “I know! We should all have goals, things we want to learn from each other while we are gone. What do you think?”
The others had nodded like it was a great idea but you knew better.
“You guys have been together for 13 yrs, there’s still something to learn?”
They had grinned like little boys, enjoying being found out.
“Okay, you teach us and we’ll each teach you something, deal?” Yoochun had asked.
That sounded more doable and realistic. “I’m not sure what I can teach you guys.”
All three at once responded, “TO COOK!”
It had been decided that Yoochun would teach you how to play the guitar, Junsu would teach you some of the group dances, and Jaejoong would teach you how to float.
Junsu and Yoochun had laughed at that, “Hyung you don’t like to swim after almost drowning, why would you teach her that?”
“Maybe so she doesn’t drown?” he had countered but was hiding a smirk behind his hand. It had seemed an odd response at the time but you shrugged it off.
“Alright, a female on a trip with three guys, we must have ground rules.” Everyone had moaned at Yoochun’s comment but he held his ground.
“You think we aren’t gentleman enough?” Junsu had muttered questioningly.
“I just want her to feel safe and non-threatened. We are the most handsome of guys you know, she might get swept away by us.”
You had rolled your eyes and hit him with a pillow. When the laughter died down the rules were made.
1. No flirting 2. No kissing 3. No handholding unless necessary for lessons 4. No time alone one on one unless during lessons.
You had soon figured out Jaejoongs smile and choice of lesson. You were fully clothed while being taught the guitar, although Yoochun sat very close behind with his arms around you at times.

You were almost as fully clothed while learning the dances with Junsu, and he only touched you when he adjusted a stance or fixed a movement.

With Jaejoong? You were both in swimsuits and you were totally dependent on him. He touched you, held you in his arms, and you had to trust him with your very self.
Smooth Mr Kim, very smooth.

Very clever indeed. Although I don't know if I could have even survived the guitar lesson. By the end, after all three, I'm not sure there would be anything left but a puddle of giddy female. (of course YooChunie cane up with the ground rules) 💗💗
Yeah. Should have seen that a mile away. lol
Crafty. Very crafty sir. well played.