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A look inside the industry:

This was just recommended to me on YT (probably because I was watching CLC videos haha) but I found it pretty interesting.

I would break down if I was Sorn and kept getting interrupted during my vocal practices like that because of my pronunciation!
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that's messed up
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Nah, I don't think it is. You have constant instruction on how to speak a language that corrects you instantly is super helpful, and as an idol will prevent you from making huge mistakes and slips?! I think it's great. plus it helps you learn in a relatively safe space. And the work ethic you learn is amazing.
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I think it's actually really good. We all know how some knetz love to blow out of proportion anything an idol does. So, doing this might be a protection for her. If she goes out there and mispronounce a word, Koreans will fall on her like hail. And giving them the "It's not my first language" explanation is not enough for them. Specially if she basically lives and manage herself mostly around Koreans.
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