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Letting your head rest on his shoulder for a moment longer, his arm gently wrapped around you and rested on your side. Feeling his strong yet protective touch began to calm you, put your mind at ease as well as your broken heart.

“Shall we pack a few of your things?” Hoya’s words slowly tangled in your hair before pressing a soft kiss against the crown of your head. Nodding softly, you hummed and slowly lifted yourself up off his shoulder.

Once you sat upright, he slowly stood from your bed. Grabbing a backpack and a small duffel from your closet, he came back over to you and placed them next to you on the bed. Offering for you to stay put, on the bed, he allowed you to guide him to which things you would like to bring with you for the next few days. Packing some clothes and a book or two along with your laptop, you zipped up the bags.

Standing to your feet, you wobbled a little on your weak knees as Hoya carried your bags, offering you his hand, you slid your hand into his as your other arm wrapped around the same arm to stabilize you. The two of you walked through your small apartment, turning off lights and making sure the place was ready to stay a few days without being looked after.

The cool night hit your skin as you looked around nervously, wondering if you ex was going to show up out of nowhere. Feeling your tension, Hoya slowed his steps as he looked over at you, pressing a soft but sure kiss against your cheek. Letting you take your time, you finally took a step towards his car as he joined you with another step. Taking it at your pace, he unlocked his car from afar before guiding you to the passenger seat.

Opening the door for you, he let you round the door before he watched you carefully slide into the seat. Once seated, you looked up at him still holding the door as he gave you a soft smile.

“He isn’t going to get you, as long as I am here” Hoya whispered softly as he looked around with you, letting you take your time.

“I’ll be right back” He whispered softly before closing the door, walking to the door behind yours, he opened it gently and placed your bags behind your seat. Closing the door as quietly as he could, so he wouldn’t spook you. Hoya walked around the car and slipped behind the wheel. Closing his door, he gazed over at you to see your eyes fixated on something in the distance. Trailing your line of sight with his own, he watched you focus on a slight shadow just behind the curtain. Capturing the image for himself, Hoya started his car, knowing that your
ex was watching you from above.

Dropping your eyes, your fingers nervously played with one another as you took in a deep breath trying to calm yourself. Seeing you stressed in the seat next to him, Hoya gently reached over and placed his right hand closer to you. As his hand moved into your view, you looked over at him seeing his kind brown eyes gaze into yours.

Slowly, you laced your fingers with his as you began to lean closer and closer to him while your mind flowed along with the song that was playing over the radio.

“We just have to stop and pick up the pizza, okay?” Hoya informed you as you nodded gently, resting your head against his strong shoulder. His hand gently rested on your thigh with your hand still laced in his. Brushing his fingers against your thigh seemed to calm you little by little as the two of you drove to pick up the pizza.

With a short pit stop, the two of you picked up the delicious pizza. Holding the warm pie on your lap, you continued to lay on Hoya’s shoulder allowing the music to ease your mind on the remainder of the ride.

Pulling into the driveway of Hoya’s home, he opened the garage and eased his car into the usual parking spot. Twisting back the key, he leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on your head.

“We’re here, sweetheart” Hoya whispered as he let you have your time to sit up and look around you.  Once you lifted your head from his shoulder, and your hand slipped from his, he exited his car. Grabbing your bags from behind your seat, he then opened your door for you. Stepping out of your car, he gave you a sweet smile before closing the door and taking your hand in his.

Pushing open the door that leads into his home, he let you enter first before following you in. Carefully slipping off your shoes, you padded into his kitchen and placed the box of pizza on the island in the middle of the kitchen. The modern yet classic design caught your eyes as you slowly admired his home.

“I’m going to place your things on the couch, okay?” Hoya headed over to his black leather couch as he placed your duffel and your backpack on the couch.

“Okay” You nodded as you carefully lifted the cardboard container that housed the pizza.

Hearing Hoya walk back into the kitchen, he walked over to a section of the cabinets before pulling two plates from behind the closed doors. Grabbing two glasses along with the plates, he set them down beside the cardboard box

“Ladies first” Hoya smiled as he allowed you to get your pizza first before serving himself.
Filling the glasses with ice cold water, the two of you served yourselves before heading into the living room.

Turning on a commonly known movie, the two of you sat together as the slices of pizza on your plate were slowly devoured. The glasses of water were emptied by the end of the movie while crumbs only rested upon the plates.

Your head rested against Hoya’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around you while a light blanket laid over your figure. Your eyes began to slowly close before you forced them to open once more. Fighting the feeling of sleep, you slowly gave in as Hoya’s heart and his warm touch convinced you that you were safe enough to sleep.

“Shall we get you to sleep, my love?” Hoya whispered against your head, looking down at your sleeping figure in his arms.

“Mhmm” You hummed softly as your thumb brushed across his warm, smooth skin.

“I’ll let you sleep in my bed tonight and I’ll sleep out here” Hoya whispered to you as he slowly sat up.

The two of you gathered your things before he showed you the rest of the house, showing
you his room last, he lovingly placed your things on the bench at the foot of the bed.

“I’ll let you get ready first” Hoya began to walk out of the room as your eyes wondered over the black duvet and silver accent pillows along with pictures of his favorite stages hanging over his bed.

Watching Hoya leave the room and pulling the door closed behind him, you unzipped your duffel bag and pulled out an old t shirt and some comfy shorts to change into. Heading into the bathroom, you pulled your shirt off and saw the scrapes and slight bruises from earlier as you let out a deep sigh. Pulling your night shirt over your head, you covered most of the blemishes before you changed into bed shorts before finishing your night routine.

Heading back out to his bed, you placed your clothes in your duffel bag before slipping yourself under the covers of Hoya’s bed. Keeping the bedside lamp on, you slowly closed your eyes before you opened your eyes with an anxious feeling constricting your heart.
Just then, a soft knock echoed on the bedroom door as you sat up and turned around to see Hoya step through the door.

“Just wanted to make sure that you were settling in.” Hoya whispered softly, “That… and well I forgot my toothbrush”

You giggled at his childish nature as he trotted across the floor to the bathroom. Flicking on the light, he quickly brushed his teeth as you just listened to the water hit the inside of the sink. Watching the slight reflection of his figure as he finished brushing his teeth then proceeded to wash his face. Splashing the water up on his face, he then dabbled his skin against a towel as your eyes dropped, a feeling swelled in your stomach urging you to say something.

“Hoya?” You question softly, your fingers playing with one another quickly and nervously, giving into the odd feeling in the pit of your stomach.

“Yes sweetie?” Hoya gently stepped out of the bathroom, leaning on the door frame as his eyes took in your tender presence.

“D-Do you…? I-I-I mean… W-Would you mind if I like… slept with you… tonight?” You stammered nervously, wondering if you were overstepping your bounds or if you were being reasonable.

Flipping off the light, the soft lamps in the room caught Hoya’s luminous smile as he nodded and slowly approached you, being careful in case he triggered something.

“Would that be okay with you? You don’t have to if it makes you feel uncomfortable” He reasoned softly, his voice full of love and understanding as he slowly lifted his hand up and tucked some fallen hair behind your ear.

“It would be okay with me, is that okay with you?” You questioned wanting to make sure that he was okay with it as well.

“Absolutely” He smiled with a nod, letting his hand drop gently from the doorframe as he slowly stepped away from the doorframe.

With a black duvet with a deep purple blanket folded on the foot of the bed along with two silver decorative pillows sitting against the modern headboard, he pulled back the covers on the opposite side of the bed and slowly eased his weight onto the bed while you sat on the other edge of the bed, watching his moments.

Slipping your legs under the covers, he smiled turning off your lamp before pressing a kiss to your head.

“I’m going to make sure the house is locked up, I’ll be right back” Hoya whispered after his soft kiss. Feeling you nod, he gently turned away, leaving the door open he explored the rest of the house, locking windows and doors before shuffling back to the bedroom.

Seeing you settled under his covers, he watched your even breathing as he slowly rounded the bed to his side. Sliding in under the covers, he leaned over to turn off the lamp on his side of the bed before he looked over at you once more, the soft yellow light highlighting your breathtaking face as he gave your sleeping figure a gentle smile.

Turning off the light, he slid further under the covers as he faced you, watching your tired yet relaxed figure sink under his sheets.

“I don’t know how he could ever do such a thing to such an amazing woman” Hoya whispered to himself, his eyes wondering over your sleeping form before he closed his eyes and moved into a comfy position to drift to sleep.

Not long after, he felt something move into his side, opening his eyes and looking down, he watched as you moved against him, your arms wrapping around his torso while your head nuzzled into his chest, taking in a deep breath, he felt your tense body slowly relax as your legs looped around his.

Lowering his arm to around you, he gently rubbed your back as his other hand gently rested on your exposed arm, his thumb brushing slowly over your warm skin as you let out a soft hum, relaxing further in his arms. Feeling his heart swell, he knew that your sleepy actions didn’t lie and that was the moment that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you, the exact moment that he knew no matter what would happen, that he wanted you to stay in his arms forever an always, so that he could love, protect and comfort you anytime you needed him to.
ooohh girl you made a sequel!!!
yes yes I did!!!! did you like it?