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Hello! This will be my first time writing a fan fiction in chapters. I've done some one shot fan fictions. So please bare with me at my first attempt.
My story is about a CEO, Jay Park, who is too busy to go out on dates, or even have a proper relationship. So he hires a social Secretary to handle all his hook ups. He thought he had the perfect system of getting hook up. Until he meet his match. A woman who the total opposite of his ideal woman. Can she get him to turn off his phone and his hook ups?
Chapter 1
So you want me to be a pimp?
the lady I'm interviewing to be my new social secretary asks me.
No, my social secretary is what I need. Someone to handle my social life. Someone to search out my ideal women and hand out disposable phones to them. Someone to handle the details of the hook ups and getting rid of them when they become too clingy.
I started to explain what her duties are going to be.
So basically your pimp.
She says again
If she wasn't highly recommended, I would've kick her out already.
No not a pimp. I'm not going to pay them money to sleep with me. I'm looking for women who understand that I don't have time for commitments.
I'm not sure that sounds right though, she starts saying but I stop her.
There isn't anything wrong with knowing what I want and expect from the women I hook up with. I don't do relationships. I'll treat them to a nice meal and drinks, then a special night in a room I reserved for us that night. See nothing wrong with that.
I was watching her reaction while I explain the difference. She just shook her head, and was smiling. She was older then me, but still attractive. From what I've heard she was already engaged, which is a bonus. That way I don't have to worry about her falling for me.
So are you interested in being my social Secretary, Miss Choi?
Yes I'm very interested in being your social secretary. I'm very interested on seeing what kind of women are willing to be treated like playthings.
She says smiling so sweetly at me.
I stretched my hand out for her to shake.
Welcome to my team, Miss Choi. May I call you Yaya? and I'm sure you'll see the benefits of my arrangements.
She shakes my hand and says
Yes, please call me Yaya. I'm just glad I'm marrying the man I love, so you don't have to worry about me falling for your charms.
When she says that, it surprised me that she knew one of my fears of having a social secretary. Yaya Choi is now my new social secretary. I'm hoping it works out. I sent her to Human Resources to get everything ready for her to start working for me ASAP. I need her to start searching for a new hook up soon.

What kind of women Yaya is going to hook up Jay with?
That's the first chapter. Please let me know what you think of it. If its good enough and has enough likes, I'll continue on next Sunday.

aye my nickname is Yaya! 😁😁 and can you add me please.
yay!!!! I'm excited to read it
OOOHHHH, me likey!!!!
@MelissaGarza Thanks.. But yes.. I can't wait to see what will happen. ☺😄
@MarrickeJ33 I'm glad you like it. Coming from you is a big compliment 😊
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