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안녕하세요 친구!!

My fellow Melodies and soon to be Melodies....

So this somewhat has to do with the 5 year anniversary...

I am at a lost here....I can not believe that in the 5 years (technically 4 years) that I have been into BTOB AND have had my set bias as the handsome Peniel Bae for the list has just been shaken yall:

by the hyung, the leader, the 2nd derp face, the Mr ugly dance, the I can't count, the ever so joyful, the amazing vocalist and wrecker to my wrecker's wrecker...



●Peniel Bae is still 1 but oh my gosh....eunkwang oppa just took advantage of the 2nd seat and is just staring at me with his adorable, dorky face and I keep looking his way..

My BTOB Squadeu better save me please....omo


Omo please don't be sad Peniel Bae

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Oh snap Sol! But I know Peniel bae will still love you. 😂💙
10 months ago·Reply
Steph I'm like 😲😲😲 this can't be how did, when did he, where did he come, what in the world like omo
10 months ago
Oh watch the Law of the Jungle with Peniel and Sungjae and just see what that does to you. Oh my!!! I adore all the boys but a couple of them just really get to me. EunKwang is one of them, as I find him to be one of the most underrated leaders and idol.
10 months ago·Reply
am I ready for that? no never jaja. and yes I love him and how comfortable he is showing the "other" natural, goofy side of him on screen. 😣 what did he,do to me lord
10 months ago
nope no save. Eunkwang needs some love
10 months ago·Reply
😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 but peniel bae!!!! I'm still at a lost on how far up eunkwang jumped
10 months ago