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안녕하세요 친구!!

My fellow Melodies and soon to be Melodies....

So this somewhat has to do with the 5 year anniversary...

I am at a lost here....I can not believe that in the 5 years (technically 4 years) that I have been into BTOB AND have had my set bias as the handsome Peniel Bae for the list has just been shaken yall:

by the hyung, the leader, the 2nd derp face, the Mr ugly dance, the I can't count, the ever so joyful, the amazing vocalist and wrecker to my wrecker's wrecker...



●Peniel Bae is still 1 but oh my gosh....eunkwang oppa just took advantage of the 2nd seat and is just staring at me with his adorable, dorky face and I keep looking his way..

My BTOB Squadeu better save me please....omo


Omo please don't be sad Peniel Bae

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nope no save. Eunkwang needs some love
😣😣😣😣😣😣😣 but peniel bae!!!! I'm still at a lost on how far up eunkwang jumped
Oh watch the Law of the Jungle with Peniel and Sungjae and just see what that does to you. Oh my!!! I adore all the boys but a couple of them just really get to me. EunKwang is one of them, as I find him to be one of the most underrated leaders and idol.
am I ready for that? no never jaja. and yes I love him and how comfortable he is showing the "other" natural, goofy side of him on screen. 😣 what did he,do to me lord
Oh snap Sol! But I know Peniel bae will still love you. 😂💙
Steph I'm like 😲😲😲 this can't be how did, when did he, where did he come, what in the world like omo