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One Piece NAKAMA which one is your favorite ARC?
My favorite ARC is WATER 7, ENIES LOBBY , Marine Ford, DRESSROSA and SKY island!
but my 2 favorite ones are Marion ford and DRESSROSA lol simple reasons one cause one in MARINE Ford there were so many characters and in DRESSROSA was about donflamingo and I LOVE THAT EVIL CHARACTER so much!

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enies or Sky island
7 months ago·Reply
Sky Island or Thriller Bark
7 months ago·Reply
Impel Down, Marine Ford and Fishman Island
7 months ago·Reply
Alabasta, Water 7 Enies Lobby, and Sabaody Archipelago
7 months ago·Reply
Sabaody and return to sabaody marineford water 7 I'll watch the whole thing just for those arcs
6 months ago·Reply