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Alright so now we're getting somewhere....

And here are warnings....but there isn't smut in this one...but a build up to the next chapter....So a warning just so you get prepared.
A week went by before the next time I saw Mark. My friend knew how to get me out of the house. Whenever I was busy doing something else she would say Mark was there. I wanted to spend more time with him but I couldn't blow off my other friends or family. I constantly told her to give Mark my number but she never did. One day she called and said they were going to snap chat me until I got over to them. That didn't happen. And when I called them to let them know I was on my way there was no answer. The next morning I got a call from her.

"Hey what happened last night I called you." I said

"Oh we went to Mark's and we're hanging out over there."

"Oh, well I called around 8."

"Yeah we went over right before 8."

"Oh well. I just went home after I called you and watched tv."

"I'm sorry. Did you ever get the pictures on snapchat?"She asked


"Maybe it was the wrong number." she said

"Eh it's ok...hey I gotta go I'll talk to you later." I quickly hung up. I was starting at think something was going on between the two. Maybe they were becoming a thing and I was wasting my time and energy on it all. I put my headphones in and blasted my music as I went out to run. After a half hour I finally stopped. I had gotten my mind somewhat in the right place. When I got to my door I saw Bambam there.


"Hey (y/n)" he smiled.

"What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see you."

"Yeah what about Hana? Or Mark?"

"Well Hana and I....Well we see each other often and Mark he doesn't care."

"You fucked your friends girl...and you..." he pulled me close to him quickly and his lips hovered over mine.

"Let's talk about this inside." he looked into my eyes. I was conflicted. After he let go of me I quickly opened my door and let him in.

"I don't get why you did it." I said as I shut my door.

"Simple I was upset about things with you and went to talk about it then Hana said she would be better than you and then we just did it. I was going to tell Mark right away but she said she wanted to be the one to tell him."

"But you are his friend...that has to mean something."

"I know I messed up but we still are...I won't go for a girl he likes again."

"Well that's good."

"Can I ask you for advice since your a girl?"


For the next few minutes we talked about his situation and then he must have known something was wrong with me.

"What are you worried about?" he asked

"Maria and Mark."

"Ha Trust me that isn't a thing." he laughed

"'d you know..."

"I know how Mark is and him hanging with girls always had the ones he was interested in worried."


"Yeah don't worry if he likes'll know soon enough." he said and hugged me and left. This was very helpful for me. I couldn't thank Bambam enough for being so sweet. Being friends was good for us.

I hopped in the shower then got dressed and fixed my makeup. It was Saturday and I was going to go out and party. I called Maria real quick to see if she wanted to go with me. She quickly agreed and I headed over to her place.

As I waited for her to get finished there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see Mark.

"Hey" he smiled and walked in.


"You look nice tonight where are you going?"

"We are going out to drink....wanna join?" I asked without thinking.

"Can I?" he asked looking me in the eyes.

"Can you what?" Maria asked as she walked out of her room.

"Can I go with you gals tonight?"

"Oh of course. You can be a bodyguard for creepy guys." she laughed

"OK give me a few minutes and I'll be ready." he said and left. After 10 minutes he was back and looked amazing. We headed out. Once we got to the club one of the guys Maria was messing around with showed up.

"Who's this guy?" The guy asked Maria.

"He's Mark." Maria said confused.

"What he's your new boyfriend? Is this who you were breaking up with me for?" he started to yell and Mark was going to jump in but I spoke up before anything could happen.

"No Mark is My boyfriend. She must have broke up with you for a different reason." I said standing in front of Mark.

"Maria can we talk?" he asked

"Um?" she turned to me.

"Go ahead, but we'll be don't leave the bar." I said and she nodded then walked to a different corner where it was quieter.

"So I'm Your boyfriend huh?" he smirked

"I'm sorry I just said that so neither of you got hurt."

"What do you mean?"

"That's the guy she keeps breaking up with but he somehow convinces her to come back every time. I swear he's abusive." I glanced over to them and saw him pointing angrily towards us.

"Hey." Mark said and I glanced back at him.

"Let's dance." I said pulling him onto the floor. K.A.R.D oh nana came on and we started dancing to the beat. Now I only knew a bit of the dance but it was amazing when Mark did the guys part. When the song ended I didn't even think about it and just pressed my lips to his. We were there kissing for what felt like forever. We pulled apart to breath and I glanced past him to check on Maria and She was on her way back over to us.

"She's coming back over here." I said looking down at his lips. His hand was still on my back holding me close to him.

"Ok." he said and let go just in time for Maria to get to us.

"Can we go?" she asked clearly she was upset.

"What happened?" I asked as we started leaving. I was a little upset. We had only been there for a little under an hour.

"He seriously doesn't get what a break up means. He thinks he still has control over me." She stopped in front of Mark's Car. He quickly unlocked the door and she got in the back. I sat in the front. When I turned to talk to her more she had fallen asleep.

"How much did she drink?" I asked looking at mark.

"I'm not sure I was watching you."


" look hot and I didn't want any guys hitting on you . once you said I was your boyfriend I was glad."

"But you're not my boyfriend."

"I know. Not right now at least" he placed his hand on my thigh.

"Who said I want to date you?" I asked looking at him.

"Well, then you don't have to I won't force you." unlike my dirty dream of Bambam Mark's hand stand in the one spot he set it at. Even doing that made my body react to him. I leaned closer to him.

"I like that very much. I don't want to be forced to love someone....but I can tell you what I feel isn't forced."

"What?" he looked over at me as we stopped at the red light.

"I like you too." I smiled

"Good." he gripped my thigh. Which gave the butterflies in my stomach something to react to.

"Let's get her home and then we can't discuss this some more." I said glancing to the back. Maria had a smile on her face. That faker was definitely not asleep. The ride back to her apartment was quiet.

"Bye Mark." Maria said when she opened her door and pulled me in with her.

"Bye." he said as the door shut.

"Dude." I said

"Oh chill he's my neighbor you can just go over there later." She laughed

"I...can't just go and knock...what if he's asleep?"

" text him." she said handing me her phone. I quickly put his number in my phone.
Me: Hey it's (y/n) Mark: Hey Me:Hey I finally got your number...although you should have given it to me :) Mark: Yeah I should have lol. Are you still talking with her? Me: Yup although I'm going to a home in a minute. Mark: OK


"Oh he's still up."

We talked a bit more then she was ready for bed. I walked out of her apartment and said bye. I was getting tired so I figured I'd go home and rest. Now that I had marks Number it wasn't going to be hard to spend time with him. I smiled as I walked past his door. But as I walked by his door it flew open and he pulled me into his apartment.

OK what did you think????? You ready for the next chapter??? I am so ready for it...and of course Bambam makes another appearance. Can't get rid of him just yet lol.

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tag me in this if you havent i love this!~
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omo! he def kept his eye on her the whole night lol
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