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This card is for anyone who is going to the Wongs concert in Newark, NJ.
I'll be there on Friday too.
I wanted to meet up with some of you guys, or just chat about how excited we are or something like that. I'm already meeting up with a few people, I hope to see some of you there. BTW we could chat on here and plan a meet up maybe.

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I'll be there on Thursday !!
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I'm debating on buying a Friday ticket still
10 months ago
mee!!!!! I'll be there for the Friday concert. I'll be all alone I won't no anyone...I'm still crying because im going solo. do you have kakao????
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im going friday too! turn up!
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ooo another one
10 months ago
I wish I could go. I may have found a way to go to the EXO concert in NJ in April though....
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