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Onejunn and Sunwoo on Facebook Live!!!
Good morning everyone! It's Jenny! So Onejunn and Sunwoo were live on facebook.
It was donation event. They were suppose to come on at 3 pm kst which is like 11pm pst. I was waiting for like 20 minutes but had to go to sleep since my spring break is over and have to go back go to school ugh lol. So I think they came on at 11:30 to 12 am lol idk. But they came on late lol.
Here is the link to see the video:
I wish I waited a little longer to at least see the beginning lol

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I missed this!!! I missed my leader!
8 months ago·Reply
Me too!😭😭
8 months ago
I didn't know Facebook had a live
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Yeah facebook has a live lol
8 months ago
I missed it but thanks for letting us know about it.
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