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Dear significant other,

I felt something yesterday. I met someone. She makes me feel. She looks at me in a certain way and I feel like I can be loved by a human in a more than friendly way again. But yesterday I learnt about her preference and I don't fit that category, I felt my heart go numb. It hurt. But it also got me thinking... Preference doesn't matter if the feelings are true, the feelings can only be true if she sees exactly who I am and CHOOSES to be with me. I am still not sure if I will make a move but I really enjoy being her friend, let me tell you more about her...

I smile when I see her. I love her voice, her laugh, her mind. Her energy is infectious and I do not want to drain her. She is beautiful, I don't know if she knows this about herself. I think about the way she looks at me and I can catch my breath. I thank God for her, for who she is. I love that it isn't just physical attraction, I really love that. Her mind, her heart. She is compassionate, she is passionate about people, she has goals, she has dreams, she has faith. I'm used to people quitting on me when things go wrong and that is understandable because I give up as well. Trying will always be a two way street. But we are from different worlds, her and I. Yet I showed her my scars, my secrets, and she found them beautiful. She finds life beautiful and that is the most beautiful thing about her. I know I am repeating this but... I thank God for her, for creating her. Her smile is so wide. At times I think about kissing her then I remember that she means so much to me, there is always temptation when it comes to attraction. I just have to remember control, and to you my dear... I can't promise that I won't be tempted by others but I am growing as we speak. I am learning. I never want to cheat on you. I want to be the best I can be so I am viewing temptations come and go, I am fighting, trying my best not to act on it. Praying to God to get me through. I am learning. I am growing. When I am with you, my significant other, I pray to God that I AM WITH YOU! Through thick and thin. You will always be my lady. Even if as I write, you may be calling someone else your man... When the time comes for us to be together, when one of us makes a move and latches on to the other, I will love you. I will love you.

I will love you.

Love yours,