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Have you seen Daehyun when he was on Masked Singer?
Freshman on King of Masked Best Singer was revealed to be B.A.P’s Daehyun.
On the episode of King of Masked Best Singer which aired on the 22nd Freshman and Catcall went head to head for a second round.
After losing to CatCall Freshman was revealed to be a member of the idol group B.A.P.
On what he got up to recently Daehyun said: “I visted my hometown and spent some time there, I even did a guerilla concert on the street.”
When asked about his song choice Daehyun said “while I was on hiatus from being a singer I went to karaoke with my father and he cheered me up whilst singing this song. He also said you don’t have to worry anymore to me and passed on my greetings to my family.”
When Daehyun finished his stage he cried the tears he had been holding back, and although he hurried to hide his tears with his hood he touched the audience members.
B.A.P who were unable to stand in stage for 1 year and 9 months due to a contract dispute have come back with ‘Young, Wild and Free.’ trans cr; tima @ baptrans ; take out with full credits
Here's a bonus look at Daehyun's vocal range

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