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So , who the hell is getting mad over movies and animes and disgusting music . Artist without no talent should be executed without mercy but we shouldn't let people born with any talent. Talented people are cancer in this world and threat to the society . They are ruining the cultures and kids .  We should learn from our ancestors and our past , our ancestors had died for us . But It's pity that we haven't learnt anything from them . Our destiny is death and our road is war . We should all stand up and fight one another because that's what our ancestors did. We learn things everyday and war brings peace and silence . Earth needs help and a big massive meteor can help the earth . Yes , you can leave the planet without leaving your mark on earth. Kids should learn how to make bombs , its will open their mind and expend their knowledge. We all have a fight to win , some of us are slow but that doesn't mean we won't shake the world. We are just waiting for the right moment.  Reading and traveling would help you because we all are here to explode ourselves. ( I meant "Explore") And only way to explore yourself is to explore the world and your surroundings.  There are no boundaries or rules to live the life , there are habits that rules us , so you need to develop good habits . Trust me drugs will not make you look cool but you will get dumper , they kill your willpower and power to concentrate. You want to learn things than do whatever you love , live an idea that makes you feel amazed and that fills you up with enthusiasm. Never take a break for so long because it will hard to get back on the journey. Push yourself out of your limits . Increase your ability to bear pressure. Start things and end them with an impact . Be ruthless , If you want to chase dreams, you have to be brave. No matter who you are or whatever you are , you better start now and fuckk you. 

Ps. When I said fuckk you I meaning it literally.