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due to language, and sensual content
Reader & Jay Park

When money mixes business with pleasure, putting you at high risk of losing everything you work so hard for, even though he gets to keep everything. So what you gonna do? Put your foot down? Or will you let it all fall apart...

~(Y/N Pov)~


The sunlight woke me up as it brush against my face. I looked up to see it peaking through my curtain as my television screen was playing the main menu of movie, waiting for me to hit play. I then started to hear a heartbeat that wasn't my own, and someone softly breathing. I slowly moved away as to not awake them, and I was a bit stunned. The person I was laying beside was actually Jay.

I guess my moving woke him up, because he slowly started to stir. He looked over at me and smiled so warmly that I felt my heart flutter. Jay snaked his arm around my waist more, and lightly pulled me back down. He had me laying my head on his chest, and kissed the top of my head.

"If this is a dream... please lord don't let it end."

I sighed heavily as I pulled away from Jay again. he whimper when I moved and looked up at me. "Damn, I really was hoping this was a dream." I chuckled and just shook my head in disbelief. "What? Is it wrong for a man to dream?"

I stood up to look over at him. "I think its best you leave." He blinked as he watched me start cleaning up. "Y/N, I didn't mean to upset you. I swear." I looked up at Jay and saw he was concern that I might be mad at him.

"I'm not upset... though I think I am going to take my boss' offer. As of today, its my last day with your branch of the company." Jay looked speechless as he looked me over. "Are you kidding me?" I sighed heavily as sat down on the coffee table.

"I can't work with you anymore Jay. Sooner or later I was going to leave, its just happening sooner. If I stay at AOMG, I will eventually cave in to you. I don't want to lose anything I have work so hard for, but its not just me that will be effected. So will you, and I can't live knowing that I ruin anything for you."

Jay just hung his head and sighed heavily. "Why do you have to me so amazing, Y/N." He rested his head in his hands before getting up. Jay took my hand into his own and kissed the back of it. "You will be my biggest regret. Because I let you go."

He then got his things and headed out of my apartment. Jay's words hit me to my core, and kept replaying in my head as I clean up my place. I ended up sitting on my kitchen counter with my head in my hands. I replay last night over and over, as well as this morning. I needed out of my house, cause being alone was not helping me mental stability.

I went over the CJ E&M to have a talk with my boss. When I made my way towards his office, I saw he was standing outside talking to his assistant. "Oh I was just about this have my assistant call you. I have good news for you." I blinked as he waved for me to join him in the office.

"I got an order from my boss above, you're being promoted, and was hoping you would become one of Financial Excessive Repetitive Director." I blinked as I knew, that was a title that was at the very least only two level below the CEO himself. "This is you're choice though. I'll give you til tomorrow though to take this offer." He handed over the papers of the promote for me to look over.

I only step out of the office and sat down in the waiting room to read it over. My pay was going up by a good couple of grand. Even my power would allow me to catch more red flags in the company, to make it stable again financially. I came back over to his office as he was on the phone. He gave me a questionable look, as I took a pen from his desk and signed the paper.

My former boss looked me over before taking it from me. "I'll go tell AOMG CEO's the news." He nodded his head, and wrote on a notepad that I need to report in first thing Monday morning. I simply nodded my head before making my way over to AOMG. Which felt like forever, especially since I was walking.

I was giving myself time to figure out how I was going to break the news the them all. We did grow a bit close, allowing me to become attached to them. Ju Kyung (UglyDuck) met me outside though, and greeted me with a warm smile. "Y/N! You're coming in today?" He came over to me, excited to see me.

"Um, actually... I came to tell everyone some news." The smile along Ju Kyung's face faded, as he looked me over, from head to toe. "Body language says its not good news." I tapped his nose playfully and smiled warmly at him. He cringed his nose as his reaction towards me.

"Its not that bad, because no matter what, I will always have time to goof off with you." He chuckled, before taking my hand in his and bringing me up stairs. "Yah, weren't you going somewhere else?" Ju Kyung blinked before shaking his head. "It can wait... its not going anywhere."

We both enter the lounger area of AOMG, and where greeted by Min Taek (Elo) and Seonghwa (Gray). Jay came out of the studio with Chase (ChaCha), smiling the moment they saw us. "Don't tell me you two are dating now." Chase teased us as Ju Kyung let go of my hand. He rubbed his neck nervously, as I just giggled.

"Be nice Chase or else I am no longer making you Enchiladas this weekend."

I made my way over to Chase, and punch his arm. Wasn't hard though, yet he still pretended that it hurt, which a smiled. "Y/N actually has news for us." Ju Kyung spoke up, not allowing me to escape the subject that I was dreading. I looked over everyone, before I sighed heavily.

"Um... well I have to leave AOMG team." Everyone looked at me, as all smiles were gone. "Its because I got an unbelievable promotion at C&J EM. They want me to be one of their Financial Excessive." I smiled at them warmly, as I noticed they were all still quite.

Jay came over to me, and wrapped his arms around me. "Now that is amazing, and we are so proud of you. Just a little heart broken to have to let you go." I looked up at Jay, as he gave me his loving winning smile. "Just remember, we are you're friends, and love to have you visit us anytime."

I looked over at the rest of them, and they were smiling warmly at me. "Lets celebrate by going out to the club and drinking." Jay suggested as they all cheered in agreement. I didn't feel like fighting them on this one, because I kind of did want to celebrate it too. It was really refreshing having friends to celebrate with as well.

The crew and I all hit up a nightclub, and sat in V.I.P since that what Jay said 'Bosses do'. Be honest though, I would of rather had a drinking night in the lounge than at a club. But they went out of their way to make sure we had a good time celebrating my promotion. I ended up sitting next to Simon and Ju Kyung, but Simon seem a bit off to me.

I really much for drinking, due to my alcohol tolerance being so low. Not that I didn't trust them, its just that I wanted to remember tonight with them. Especially since I didn't know when the next time will be. I jump a bit, when an arm snake its way around my shoulders. The owner of the arm, had gain my full attention, while I noticed it was Simon. He smiled warmly at me, before moving close to ear range.

"Join us, have a shot. I will take care you of you... all night long."

I felt a bit of an eerie chill go down my spin. I could even smell the heavily liquor on his breath. I giggled nervously and pulled away from him. "Aniyo, I'm good, honestly. I prefer a glass of wine over shots any day." Simon got pouty, before slowly moving a shot towards me.

"One shot won't hurt."

I pushed it towards Ju Kyung, whom gladly play black knight for me. Simon sighed heavily. Ju Kyung started pushing shots my way. I just kept pushing them towards Jay or Simon's way. "Yah, you don't want to drink, just tell him like you told me."

Simon whispered in my ear, whilst Ju Kyung started touching my leg. Ju Kyung than again pushed more drinks towards me. Jay wavy for him to actually stop it, as Simon slap Ju Kyung's hand away. "Y/N let me take you home. No way Ju Kyung gonna stop. He drunk."

I looked over at Simon and could see, his protective side was sobering up. I nodded my head in agreement, as Simon and I got up. "Its late, I'mma take her home." Ju Kyung and Hyuk Woo got pouty, as Jay wavy for us to go. Simon then took my hand and guided me to his car with a personal driver.

"See I told you they all secretly like you more than a friend."

I just sighed heavily as I just rest my head on his shoulder, while we sat in the back seat of the car. "Simon I am trusting you right now." He petted my head, while he let me rest.

"I know, I got you baby girl."

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