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Later that evening, a nervous Jiyong knocked on the door to room 143. After a few minutes Jak opened the door and stood back to let him enter.
Instinctively he knew her demeanor meant she was still upset. Unsure what to do, he stepped in and put his arms out to her.
She looked at him with dead, angry eyes and motioned to a chair in the corner.
“Sit. You aren’t to talk or touch me or you leave, understood?”
He shoved his hands in his pockets and took a seat on the chair she motioned to.
“You’re only here because you need to understand.” She turns away from him and starts pacing. “It was never about the pictures. When you told me you were headed to Japan and I wasn’t invited, I figured you would go see her.” She turns back to him, “After all, you aren’t getting any here, you may as well go back to your unlimited resource.”
He opened his mouth to protest but she put a finger up, “No talking”.
He swallowed and his eyes followed her around the room.
“The fact that there were pictures of the two of you meant you weren’t cheating. You would never be caught in public with our relationship being public. I appreciate that you have that much respect for me.”
“I would not cheat on you, you have to believe that.”
She looked at him, miffed. “You interrupted me. Just sit and listen like a good boy.”
He sat back in the chair, raised his hands in supplication and laid them in his lap.
“You told me to leave. Worse yet, you told me you didn’t want me there. Do you know how much that hurt? That still hurts?”
He hung his head and placed it in his hands.
“You’d been gone for 10 days. Don’t you think I missed you too? I wasn’t even going to bring up the pictures until you didn’t call me about ‘when’ you were getting home. I saw it on the calendar. I gave you a couple of hours; I knew you’d have a hangover. But you were RUDE Ji, really, really rude. I don’t deserve that.”
She took a deep breath and came to stop in front of him.
“So, I’ve come to a decision.” She began wringing her hands, not knowing what to do with them. “We need some time apart.”
He instantly stood up and advanced on her, she backed off and put her hand out for him to stop.
“No. You said in your letter that you were short with me because you couldn’t trust yourself with me. You think it’s easy for me? You don’t get to play the martyr here. You couldn’t trust yourself after seeing me for 10 days, coming here today was that supposed to be easier? “
She took another breath and finished before she chickened out.
“That tells me that our relationship is based on sex or actually the lack of. Am I going to be kicked out the minute you get what you want? Are you Mr Long Term because you realize that’s how long it will take to get me in the sack? I don’t think you've ever had a relationship like ours, most women can’t resist you and don’t want to.”
She closes her eyes against the look in his and rushes on.
“I’m not saying go cheat on me and get laid; I’m saying that maybe you need to figure out what it is that you really want from me. If it’s just for sex , say goodbye now and walk out the door.”
She goes over and opens the door for him. “Either way, I don’t trust you right now. I want to, but I don’t and that still hurts. When you’ve decided what you really want; let me know.”
He walked out the door, turned as if to say something but simply watched the door shut quietly in his face.
JAAAKKKKK!?!??! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 WHAT THE HELL!? I mean yeah you're right Jak, but sugar honey iced tea!!!
Yes, time apart and some decisions need to be made. Then some real discussions.
my girl!! I love you. did you know that @griseldazenger? let me read this now.
okay, some space that's what we need. clean space, no distractions, time to think, and think real hard young man.