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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift. Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into.... Y/n's POV "Ahh- Mintaek I- can't." You whined. "Yes you can keep going don't cum." He said. "Let me- cum." You cried. Your breath was heavy, he was still leaned over your back, his other hand was on your shoulder keeping you against the chair. You were loud but nothing on the outside could be heard, the music was too loud and the room was sound proof; you were all his. You tried to lean forward again and your legs tried to close but he gripped your thigh and pulled it open. "I want to see." He whispered in your ear. "Stop." You whined. "In our world, stop just means go puppy. So if you really want me to quit and leave you unsatisfied say your safe word." He said. You jerked back against his chest. "Mintaek let me cum." You whined. Your legs were shaking so bad you were close to just losing it all. You could test him, you could just find your release and get relief but you'd face punishment after that. You were crying now, you were losing your mind. "Mintaek!" "Crap are you crying puppy?" "Please." You begged. He kissed you hard, his hand gripped your hair but you felt the blindfold slip off your eyes. You opened them to see his dark eyes meet your own and you shuddered. "Cum." He commanded you. You stopped holding it in, you screamed out in pleasure and your body rocked and shook violently like an earthquake. Your entire body took minutes to reach a state of calmness. You held it for so long but the release felt so damn good you couldn't help but continue whining as you came down. You bit your lip and thought how wonderful that release was. "You made a mess." He said. You looked up at him. He smiled and grabbed your arm and stood you up. He walked you over to the desk he had in the room and he bent you over the desk with your ass sticking out. "It's my turn sweetie, you took your pill today right?" He said. "Yes." You said still catching your breath. "Yes what?" He said teasing. "Yes-Master." He chuckled hearing you call him that like a good girl. He blindfolded you again and you heard his belt come undone and then his zipper, then the sound of his pants being pushed down quickly. You felt him only moments later coming to your entrance. You whined as he pushed into you. Your hands tightened into fists. He started to move slowly granting you a little relief but your walls were hugging him tightly already. He filled you up inch by inch and he made you take him at the pace he wanted. You moaned lightly as he moved in and out of you but then he started moving a bit faster, his hips bucked into your back side in rhythm and his hands were on your hips pulling you into him. He leaned over while fucking you to whisper in your ear, "You're pretty good puppy." "Master no more please." You moaned. "You're going to leave me unsatisfied after I've relieved you? That's quite selfish of you puppy." He teased. "I- can't anymore, it's too much." You moaned. "Shhhh Puppy, be a good girl for your Master and it'll be over soon enough." He said. He moved faster, moaning as he slammed into you harder. The sound of skin slapping bounced off the walls the way he gripped onto your ass then spanked it had your body holding him tighter, your mind was going crazy. Your nipples perked up more and you screamed into the open area. "Fuck!" Mintaek said ramming into you more. "Mintaek no- more." You whined. "So close baby. Let me keep fucking you." He breathed. Sure enough his thrusts became ragged and uneven coming up to his last thrust where he completely released inside you. He held himself in you for a moment. He leaned over your back, "You look so hot blindfolded Y/n." He whispered. He kissed below your ear and slipped out of you and you dropped to your knees feeling too weak to keep standing. He took off your handcuffs and tossed your blindfold aside. You looked at him with half lidded eyes. He knelt down to see your face; he grabbed your chin and pecked your lips. "Are you sleepy?" He asked. You nodded feeling too drained to answer. "The name of the man that assaulted you, what was it?" He asked. "Um Minho- Kang Minho." You said groggy. "Fuck." He whispered. "Hm?" You said fading into a deeper sleep. "Nothing princess go to sleep." He said. You felt yourself being picked up as your eyes closed and you went to sleep... Mintaek's POV The very next day he called Kiseok to talk to him. It was night over there but it was bright and early on Mintaek's side. He was pacing the floor of his club waiting for him to answer. "Fucking international calls." He said annoyed. Kiseok finally picked up, "What is it I'm getting ready for a show." He said. "Then I'll talk quick, Jay said your theory was right, when she's half asleep, she tells the truth and has no idea that she's doing it. So I fucked her last night and got her tired enough where she told me the name of her attacker." "Who was it?" "Your old boy Minho." Mintaek said. "Fuck you've got to be kidding me." "Well considering his last words to you, did you really think he'd leave you alone?" "I didn't think he'd go after her. I'll kill him." "Easy there Busan, it'll cost you your career and her." "It almost cost me her already. Does she know I know him?" He asked. "I don't know I doubt it but I didn't say anything to her. She's at Jay's right now I think he went into the studio for a bit." "Look I have to go just make sure you two keep an eye on her." Kiseok said. "Yeah alright." Kiseok hung up just afterwards. Mintaek sat down at his desk, Kang Minho. Geeze he told Kiseok not to burn that bridge and now he was paying for it. He liked tasting Y/n though, he gave him the perfect opportunity to try her and honestly he wanted more. She slept in his bed last night but he got the feeling that she wouldn't want to do that again tonight. He imagined her wanting to curl up in Kiseok's shirt or something, being somewhere she could smell him. She seemed oddly to herself, especially after sex she just seemed like she was out of place. Kiseok kept her busy with house chores and then he entertained her at night but he supposed without her normal routine with her normal Master she felt lonely. "Damn I guess she really likes him." Mintaek said into the open air. He shrugged it off and went back to work... Y/n's POV Two weeks had passed since you were under the watchful care of both Jay and Mintaek. After the first night, they seemed extra protective of you but it kind of felt like you were a prisoner. You weren't really allowed to go anywhere without them. Jay wanted you in the studio with him all day and Mintaek mostly wanted you to stay at his place. You wanted to be in your bed though, at home and away from them. Jay told you to have fun with them and for the most part when they brought on sex, you had fun but you just wanted Kiseok or at the very least to go hang out with Hyun Jung or Hyukwoo. You belonged to them though, Kiseok was away and these boys wanted to play with you as much as they could. There was one day Jay had you sit on his lap and he played with the controls to his sound system. You looked at it and played with it almost like a child learning something new. The way he held onto your waist was like he wanted you but at the same time like he was telling you, you were safe with him. You honestly felt no danger from him but Mintaek was just a different experience and pleasing those two was hard to do at the moment because you weren't used to either one of them. The adjustment was hard to make. When you wrapped your arms around Jay's neck, he brought you closer to his body, he kissed you sweetly, he was tender. It made sense why he was a Guardian Master he was always close by when you two went out and he gave you lots of comfort and encouragement. He would call you cute or say you had a pretty smile, they were things you didn't hear on a regular basis with Kiseok. It was odd to hear it so often but you liked it. You liked that he seemed protective but was otherwise kind of gentle. You liked rough and he was hella rough in bed but on the opposite end of the spectrum, in life, at work, he was very laid back, kind and gentle. Mintaek was definitely a disciplinary, he gave you orders and expected you to follow them. When he picked you up you had to be ready and downstairs waiting for him, if you were late you got spanked, which wasn't all that bad. He would tell you to sit in a corner of his office and he'd just want you to stay there and be quiet and just kind of exist until he was ready to fuck you and oh boy was that amazing. He took to tickling you once, right behind your knee, you actually ended up having a mini orgasm from it. It shocked you but it gave him an opening to punish, you weren't supposed to cum without permission. Mintaek got off more on punishing than actual sex it seemed. Your problem with him was he was too quiet. It felt like you were always in trouble when you met up with him. It was like when Kiseok would come home in a bad mood and he just didn't want to deal with anything. He barely wanted to touch you unless he felt like it, he didn't want to order you around, he didn't want to speak, he just wanted to be there and nothing more. Mintaek was kind of like that except he just wanted you to be there and nothing more. Being chaperoned everywhere made you think more on your previous idea before Kiseok left: getting a job. When Kiseok leaves you're always bored because there isn't much to do and there aren't many people around to entertain you because they're all working. You had been considering it for a long time but you hadn't had a job for about two years now. Your father paid your rent when you lost your last job and honestly he would've done anything to get you out of the house. Your last job had let you go because they were going out of business and you had been looking for a job when you met Kiseok. Once he made his offer you had focused more on the relationship and being a perfect sub that you forgot about looking for a job. With Kiseok giving you an allowance to spend, separate from the shopping bill, you just never really needed to think about it. You honestly believed Kiseok would do anything to keep your mind off of trying to get a job. It was just a feeling but you kind of observed the way he reacted when you'd tell him you needed things to do when he's gone at work. He tried his best to keep you out of his job, you probably stepped into his studio all of twice in the past two years you had been dating. It was just, somehow you could sense he wanted you to just stay in the penthouse like a prized puppy waiting for Master to come home. You were in Jay's office now and there was a couch set by a window. He gave you a lap top to play on and you were kind of just going through internet places browsing free online games to play. You were bored out of your mind. You happened to look down though and saw a bunch of women walking into the building across the street. From the window, you could see a van and just endless girls coming out. You knew the building was a modeling agency but you had no idea how many models they had. They all walked in strutting but seemingly having the times of their lives. You sighed, you'd kind of been having dreams about being in front of a camera, you didn't really understand them but your dreams also made it seem like you wanted to leave Kiseok which wasn't the case. Even at the moment you just missed him. Your phone started to ring drawing your attention from the window for a second. You answered it looking back out the window. "Hello?" "Baby girl." Kiseok cooed. You smiled softly hearing his voice. "You must've known I missed you." You chuckled. "I sensed a disturbance in the force, thought I'd call to see if it was you. Guess I was right." He joked. "What are you doing right now?" You asked. "Packing shit, I got you something's I think you'll like them." "You know you didn't have to." "Hush. Where is Jay?" He asked. You looked to the door and then back to the window, you were staring down at the modeling building. You sighed, "Um I don't know he left and said he'd be back. He told me to stay in his office." "Is that where you are now?" "Yes Master." "Then I want you to do something for me baby." He said. The suggestive tone in his voice had already let you know that he wanted you, you could already hear his smile in the way he talked. "Are you wearing that cute little plaid skirt?" He said teasing. You felt a coil in your stomach at his voice. His tone simply got your body ready for anything. You could imagine him behind you and whispering in your ear. His arms might've wrapped around your body coming up just under your arms so he could draw his lips down to your shoulder and pepper a few kisses up your neck. "Yes." You whispered already turned on. You heard the hum he gave from the other end of the phone. You imagined him licking his lips. Had he been standing in front of you now, his eyes would've been dark as night, his pupils big as he looked you over and in his head he would be trying to make up his mind about which part of you he'd want to devour. You bit your lip waiting for his command. "Take off your panties." He demanded. You licked your lips and took in a little shaky breath before uttering, "Yes Master." You looked at the office door and sat up from your chair to pull them down and off your butt. You slipped out of them and sat back down. "Are they off?" He asked. "Yes Master." "Listen baby, if you disobey me I'll hang up and I won't call back but I will have Jay punish you and then Mintaek so be good." He warned. "Yes Master." "Lick your fingers." He said. Your stomach coiled again, the feeling became sharper as you brought your fingers to your lips. You flicked your tongue over the tips of two of them. Your other hand held the phone as your breathing shifted to become a bit shallow. You pushed your fingers into your mouth deeper manipulating the way they moved against your tongue. You hummed on your fingers giving in to a sweet fantasy of Kiseok in the corner watching you prepare your fingers. You wanted his eyes on you staring at you as you did this. Your heart rate picked up the more you thought about his dark dangerous eyes staring at you. "Kiseok." You managed to moan into the phone. "I'm here baby, keep sucking on them. Suck on them like you suck me." He said. You groaned against your fingers, the more he talked dirty the more your body reacted. You did just as he said and sucked on your fingers like it was him. You moaned onto your fingers, your voice cut through the phone like a knife. "Damn. Play with that little clit baby. Touch it." He said. Your fingers quickly left your lips to come down to your clit. They rolled over the nub letting it get wet before you slipped them down your slit to collect the juices that had started building up. You pulled it back up to rub your clit, moving in deliciously fast circles until you heard him say, "Go slow baby." "Master." you whined. "Baby girl I'm doing it with you, if you're good we can cum together." He said. The beautiful image of Kiseok in front of you naked stroking his cock had you licking your lips and moving slowly on your clit like he asked. You sank down more in the seat and opened your legs wider. You whined into the phone while you closed your eyes and threw your head back a little. "Daddy." You moaned. "Keep going baby girl." He said. You wanted more but asking for it might've led to him hanging up. You really couldn't afford to test him. You bit your lip rolling your hips while you touched yourself. Every movement you imagined he was making it. Your hand came up to cup your breast and play with a nipple that was poking out from your shirt. You started to grind a little into your fingers and your moans got a little bit higher, a little bit more desperate. The word please lingered on your lips, wanting to go faster. You could hear Kiseok's voice on the other side, a sensual groan left his lips and had you wanting him on you. "I want you here." You whined. "Finger yourself baby, make it feel like I'm there. Imagine me kissing those lips, and licking that gorgeous neck. I want to fuck you so bad baby girl." He said. "Ah, Daddy I want you so bad." You moaned into the phone. "I know baby I can hear you. Make sure you go deep, curl your fingers baby." He instructed. Like you didn't already know how to do it but with each instruction it was basically like he was giving you permission to get closer to your release. Your fingers moved faster and you mewled into the phone calling his name, calling him Master. You could hear him curse and call you baby girl. He gave you instructions to lean back and place the phone on your chest so you could fondle your breast. You played with your nipple teasing the perked up sensitive nub while you worked your fingers faster. "Make yourself cum baby. Cum for me." He said. You were breathing hard, your back arched off the chair. The sound of his voice fucked out turned you on more. You whined as you moved your fingers faster, your other hand pinched your nipple. You wanted him there so you could kiss him, you wanted his lips. The more you imagined him there, the more you could feel him, the excitement, the heat, "I'm cumming." You warned. You screamed into the office and the phone dropped to the floor. You shook in the chair while you tried to come down from the high. Your fingers played in your sticky mess and you leaned over to pick up the phone. "Baby girl." Kiseok said. "Yes." You whispered. "You made me get my sheets all dirty baby." "I got Jay's chair dirty." You said. He chuckled, "You'll have to clean that up before he gets back." "I will." "Taste yourself baby." He said. You lifted your fingers from your heat. You brought them to your lips and licked them. You hummed into the phone as you licked your fingers clean. "How do you taste baby?" He asked. "Good Master. I wish I was with you so you could taste it yourself." You said smirking. "Two more weeks baby girl and when I get home I'll fuck you just right, just make sure you behave okay." "I'll be good." "Alright I have to go baby girl. I'll check up on you later when I can." he said. "Okay, Bye." Kiseok hung up the phone and you picked up your laptop. You looked back out the window and down at the floor below. The truck that dropped the models off was gone and the models were probably all inside. All there was, was normal people walking down the street. The sign on the building made you look it up and find the section where they offered jobs. A banner on one page of their site had a looking for models sign in at the top and at the end of it was the word apply. Your mouse hovered over it...
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