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Que tal peeps!

It's been a long time coming but I decided to do one on Hobi.


You had to accept the fact that you were dating a Kpop star. You knew what you were getting into when you said yes to Hobi that summer day at the shaved iced shop. When he asked you to be his lady. You laugh as you remember choking on your cherry shaved ice. This was about a year and 6 months ago. However, it seemed like yesterday.

White Day passed about a week ago. He promised to be there and he had so much planned for you. But as you have learned nothing is set in stone when it comes from the mouth of a Bighit employee. White Day came and there was no Hobi. No treats and no love making. No jokes...hell he didn't even text you until the day after.

You were pissed but something inside told you in advance that this would happen with all the comebacks and secret projects BTS have been doing. At least you were allowed to stay in their huge apartment. All you had to do was keep the space nice. When Hobi did text you it was a week later and he texted that they were coming through. You ignored it low key and sat on the couch. You buried your phone under the light green accent pillows.

As soon as you began to relax you heard loud laughing and noises coming through the door. You closed your eyes and began counting to 10. Suddenly Jungkook ran in screaming. He jumped on the couch and laid his head on your lap.

"Ah Nonna no food hot cooking for us?!" He whined witg a pouty lip.

You hit him with a pillow. "I'm not your maid boy!"

He laughed and rubbed his head. Hobi winked at you and you rolled your eyes. "Yo leave my girl alone. Daddy is home!" Hobi said.

You looked unamused and stuff chocolate in your fave with your eyes never leaving the TV. Yoongi and Namjoon laughed at your behavior. Hobi seen some chocolate wrapper labeled Happy White day on it and some dying flowers.

"Who bought these gifts for you?" Hobi said while sitting next to you. He paused waiting for your response.

"Baby did another guy buy you these items?" Hobi inquired.

"Ah well since my boyfriend is so neglectful of his precious girlfriend she had to treat herself on White Day through her huge tears. Chocolate and flowers is what helped her not cry so much." You said in a sarcastic tone.

"We told him to send you something y/n" Jimin said while sitting across from you.

"Shut up Jimin! Yes baby I've been horrible and I do need to do better. I promise I will you mean so much to me." Hobi kissed you softly on your lips.

You were surprised you accepted his kiss. You needed skinship so badly. By this time all the guys were scattered around the living room.

"I forgive Hobi. Just fuck me tonight." You said while grinning.

Hobi had a smexy grin on his face. The guys tried not to blush from your loud response to Hobi. He placed you on his lap as Namjoon took your spot.

"So about that fucking....I'm okay with that. However I have a gift for you. This is only a one time thing. You can pick 4 guys to have fun time with no penis penetration. We will call this...the lucky 4. All the guys will go into their rooms. You will knock on their doors and my door will be the last one for the happy ending."

Your face turned beat red. You almost choked like you did on that cherry shaved ice. The guys had a serious and neutral look on their faces.

"This has got to be some trick Hobi. You are not the type to share me." You paused and looked at the guys. "Is this a joke?"

"No its true. We had a discussion about it. We all agreed since he really wanted to make it up to you." Yoongi said.

"Yeah we all agreed even though you might leave him for one of us." Tae laughed.

"Shut up dork she might not even pick you!" Jimin blurted out.

"Arn't you the one with the small pepper?" Tae yelled.

Jimin face turned red and everyone began laughing as the two went back and forth. Jin brought them back to the main topic.

"Ah okay. I accept this strange gift." You said while getting up.

You began swinging your hips while walking away. Hobi licked his lips as he watched the bottom of your butt cheeks move just right.

"Baby where are you going?" Hobi said.

"I'm about to get ready...yall should too." You said before entering your room.

All the guys instantly ran to their rooms like there was a fire.


1. Jin
2. Jungkook
3. Jimin
4. Namjoon
5. Tae
6. Yoongi

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