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Starbucks has denied ripping off coffee drinkers in China, arguing that it makes no more profit per cup than in the United States. And the Seattle-based company is getting an assist from social media users in China, who have begun to pick apart critical reports of Starbucks carried by China Central Television and the China Daily newspaper. In the past week, the state-controlled media outlets have accused Starbucks of squeezing higher margins out of its operation in China than in other markets. CCTV, for example, reported that a tall size latte costs 27 yuan or $4.40 in Beijing, while the same drink costs about a dollar less in Chicago. The report also said a Starbucks coffee mug -- which is made in China -- sells for between $10 and $14 in the U.S., and as much as $18 in China.
well no it wasn't, but now it is
is this a reference to the rent is too damn high meme?