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miss A's Suzy made her first tweet since the dating rumors of her and her former 'Book of the House of Gu' co-star Sung Joon broke out. Of course, JYPE denied the rumors, but fans still aren't sure what to believe. Suzy tweeted, "Maybe it's because I shampooed two times, but my hair feels drier than usual," and showed how she starts her day with another selca set of her at the salon. The miss A member pulls her hair to show the difference in texture, but fans paid closer attention to her hand. She's still wearing the ring, which seems to be the same ring she was spotted with in photos from her birthday party. JYPE previously assured fans that the ring in question is not a couple ring to calm down worried fan boys. Fans commented, "The way she wears the ring even after her dating scandal must prove that it's not a couple ring", "It's good to see Suzy again", and "She is pretty as usual."