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Hi Hi!!! Quiz time for the week.
I'm on a Lil role with Drama quizzes it seems, but ooo I love K drama's. So when I saw this one I had to know what would be offered up to watch next!

Lol what's funny is I literly just finished watch Introverted Boss, and offers that as my choice. I'm laughing about it!

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Okay so I got Voice but what the heck? Like all my options were funny because hey man I like a laugh. But nooooo I need to watch A SERIAL KILLER BEING BROUGHT TO JUSTICE BY THE POWER OF VOICE PROFILING XD I actually low key wanna watch it
lol 😂 I think it looking at your hidden watch list there. it picks that show out of all the options out there for you to secretly watch 😜. btw you should totally watch Introverted boss /Shy Boss. Its super cute!
I got Defendant
yeah got that first....then it gave me defendant
I got Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
It gave me Defendent even though I wanted a comedy. Thanks for the suggestion Soompi.