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QUIZ: Which Drama to watch next?
Hi Hi!!! Quiz time for the week.
I'm on a Lil role with Drama quizzes it seems, but ooo I love K drama's. So when I saw this one I had to know what would be offered up to watch next!

Lol what's funny is I literly just finished watch Introverted Boss, and offers that as my choice. I'm laughing about it!

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Okay so I got Voice but what the heck? Like all my options were funny because hey man I like a laugh. But nooooo I need to watch A SERIAL KILLER BEING BROUGHT TO JUSTICE BY THE POWER OF VOICE PROFILING XD I actually low key wanna watch it
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lol 馃槀 I think it looking at your hidden watch list there. it picks that show out of all the options out there for you to secretly watch 馃槣. btw you should totally watch Introverted boss /Shy Boss. Its super cute!
8 months ago
I got Defendant
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yeah got that first....then it gave me defendant
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I got Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
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It gave me Defendent even though I wanted a comedy. Thanks for the suggestion Soompi.
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