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Dust sleeping on your photograph endlessly, Making vintage, reminding all the things lately, Drinking my memories as a glass of whiskey, My eyes showered, my heart beating strongly, Skipping the moments, jumping though time, My mind playing with shadows, smiling, Listening to your our songs, dancing, humming, I was caught in the waves of heaven, waiting, Waiting, for the reaper to come, To come, and comprehend, Take my heart and value its love, Hesitated, thoughtful, watching me under the stars at 3 am, Sitting in the woods, wrapped in forest fire, Doubtful, he stood, to take me, or to leave, Cause he breathed in my heart, played all the scenes, Within my departing moments, I smiled, I hummed her song, I closed my eyes, saw her, Keeping the promise, always, I whisper her name, The name, which I'd forgotten, the name, that resounded same, Echoing through my soul, I was searching her inside me, Standing at the gates of love, seeking my destiny, Endlessly, I searched her, I pursued her, Keeping my promise I made in my dreams, I still loved her.