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Please Help Me Decide!!
Im at an impasse at the moment....I don't know which I should re-watch first... Gate: So the SDF Fought there! Or Fairy Tail The Grand Magic Game Arc!???
Help me!! They both are really good but just don't know which I should watch first...hmm..
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I agree with @mikeb28 you gotta still watch FT
8 months ago·Reply
fairy tail all the way!!!!!!!
8 months ago·Reply
@mikeb28 @AimeBolanos of course! I just re watched Natsu take on Sting and Rouge, but I want to watch from the being of the arc.
8 months ago·Reply
@assasingod the way Natsu tries to take on the master of sabertooth, just badass!
8 months ago·Reply
That whole episode was badass!! Natsu vs Saber tooth and then Erza vs 100 monsters! One of my favorite episodes of the series!
8 months ago
Gate! All the way!
8 months ago·Reply