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Hey guys I hope your all ready for this scavenger hunt. I made it easy. Any who here it is in honor of our boys starting a new with their careers and bringing more music to us.....drum roll please.....wait no Music please
Alright so in order to do this right here are a few guidelines you guys gotta follow. Also guys we still have yet to announce the winner of the 'Can you feel it?' album giveaway!?!?!?! If you want to win you gotta participate in the event so make sure you check out the event card the link is right down below. EVENT OK let's get to the guidelines. 1.) post a card with your answers to the scavenger hunt. 2.) tag the Mod Squad 3.) post the card to the Beast community 4.) tag a friend who loves Beast and Highlight. -------------- 1.) what does Dongwoons robe say? (please don't be sad) 2.) a screen shot of Yoseobs pin (please don't be sad) 3.) a screen shot of Gikwangs pin. (please don't be sad) 4.) what does Dujuns blue sweater say? (please don't be sad) 5.) two gifs of the group dancing (please don't be sad Mv or broadcast) 6.) 1 picture for 2 of the members either in a MV, V broadcast or any up to date video of them. 7.) 1 gif of 1 member dancing. It can be in any beast or Highlight era but remember it has to be one of the 5 in Highlight...sorry Hyunseung. 8.) 1 gif or picture of your favorite scene in both 'Please don't be sad' and 'it's still beautiful'. BONUS 9.) how many buttons are on the game Yoseob is playing? (please don't be sad)
Alrighty guys have fun and don't forget to stream the debut Mv. We gotta help our boys. Also the Beast Mod Squad looks forward to seeing your cards up. Bye for now.
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I will be play! Let the hunt began!
Sweet!! We look forward to seeing your card. Haha
im going to play! 😎😎😎