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It seems like Gugudan has been getting some hate recently :(

Remember that video I posted yesterday that I thought was so great?!

Well, turns out people got really mad at Sejong being in the back.

As you might know, Sejong was one of the most popular members for Produce 101 and IOI, beating out almost 100 other girls to be a top idol in the show. She has a TON of fans. So when that 2x video was posted and the three other members were in front of her "blocking her" (they were in a super small room with no room for 4 people???) the youtube comments got vicious.

Seems like this has all transpired to death threats and vicious rumors about some of the memebrs.

And Jellyfish does NOT let that happen to their idols.

Here's what they posted:
Translation by a redditor~

Hello this is Jellyfish. We would like to bring to attention that we will be taking action against malicious comments and rumours that are circulating. We are currently keeping track of these statements sent in by fans. To protect our artists (gugudan), we will be taking legal against against these rumours that are online that are defaming our artists. If you have any receipts of malicious comments please send them as a pdf file to The following needs to be included in the message so that we can file claims/report the issue:
Any information that will be helpful is appreciated. We also would like to thank the fans who have always shown interest in our artists (gugudan) and continue to support them.
Thank you

Here's the tweet, you can only follow the link if you're in the fan cafe~

Gugudan fighting!

why would people get mad over a small space where they had to do the 2x, even I know they can't have space enough to get to their spots that well but I'm guessing people will get mad at each and every move idols do
But also, like, if you're a fan of sejong, dont you think she'd be furious and upset and hurt that people are attacking her fellow members that she's obviously super close with?! WHAT KIND OF FAN WANTS THEIR IDOL TO BE UPSET BY THEIR ACTIONS UGH I HATE FANS LIKE THIS
Im starting to think that Kpop stans can be little more fake that American pop stans
😒 don't even know anymore 😧