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Ah, the beloved hierarchy system of Korea strikes again.

For the first season of Produce 101, the girls were tested and then separated into "grades" based on their abilities. This divided them into grades A - F.

The girls though were all given the same food, same rooms, same access to everything regardless of their grades. Because, you know, THEY'RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

But this isn't the case for season 2, with boys.

Here's the translated report:
One of the labels said, "The bathroom is allowed for usage starting from the 'A' group, so the trainees in the lower group have incidents where they can't take care of their basic biological needs. We understand that it's necessary to group the trainees because there are so many of them, but it's unfair for the grades to affect everything."  The food is also becoming a problem. Because the boys get food in order of level, and side dishes are limited - the top tier boys get all the food, while the lower tier boys are left with just rice.  Another label said, "They're all growing boys, but they're eating just rice without any side dishes. They're not given enough food and they're forced to fight over it. The boys in the lower tier level have to eat and get strength, but they're getting weaker. We're worried this is just making young boys feel defeated." The boys are also allowed out of the dorms only in order. Because there are so many boys and the lower grades can only leave after everyone in the upper level has left, the lower tier boys wait over 6 hours just to be able to go home. A third label said, "The label can only follow the staff's orders because if we complain, it could be bad for our trainee. Trainees are working so hard just to get their faces out. We're sad that their effort is being twisted." A fourth label said, "'Produce 101' is a place that fulfills trainees' dreams. We participated without choice so we could get their faces out. But we thought maybe we made a mistake, seeing how they're being treated by rank even outside of broadcast. The program is being run through adult logic, and it may become a program that steals young peoples' dreams." Mnet defended themselves by saying, "We're moving by group because there are so many of them. The trainees are treating each other with respect while competing. There is nothing that viewers have to worry about."

Does anyone else think this is very, very wrong?! :(

all I can say about mnet's defense is that it's a load of BS whether they want to acknowledge it or not
yeah i think it almost would have been better for them not to respond at all. their response shows they KNOW its happening and people are mad and they dont care...
This is awful the last label is right they made a big mistake all they want is for their trainees to get recognition but instead of that they are being starved and mistreated it's worse then when your in skool this is just sad I wouldn't be surprised if they canceled the show because of this
I think this is totally wrong considering that there is also participants that have already debuted and made many combacks
This is sad. 😭 The heck, how come the girls get to be equal while the guys can't??? Bruhhhh
That is just plain wrong. I would pull my trainees from the show for their own health and well being and find another way to promote them. I'm sure if enough labels pulled their trainees from the show and demanded an apology Mnet would be scrambling to fix it. I'm thinking us fans can help a little bit too if we keep leaving enough comments protesting this horrible treatment.
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