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I took my results and created a short story. The character Peyton is part of my story that I am working on with Suga. I hope you all enjoy!!

Peyton round over to her right waking up to a beeping sound. It was her phone telling Peyton that she had a notification. Groaning she opened her left eye and grabbed her phone. While doing this, she glanced at her clock seeing it was 5 in the morning. She groaned even more when she saw that someone sent her a snapchat. It was Yoongi also known as Suga from a very well-known group BTS.
He sent her a photo of him giving her a pouty face along with wanting Peyton to wake up. Peyton noticed that he was wearing his favorite leather jacket. She replied to him with a photo of her in her bed telling him that she was sleeping. They conversed back and forth until Peyton got up to meet up with him at BigHit. Once she was at BigHit she ran into Namjoon as known as Rap Monster.

“Hey Namjoon, is Yoongi in the studio?” Peyton asked him before walking in the door.
“Hey Peyton, um yeah he is but were getting ready for dance practice. Maybe you could tell him and you could sit in while we practice.” Namjoon told her before heading around the corner to a café that was located. Peyton was excited to sit and watch them the guys practice. Over her time with them she learned some dances from Hobi and Jimin.
Walking in, she waved at the receptionist before heading to Yoongi’s studio. She took the stairs to the floor where the studio was located. When she arrived, Peyton didn’t waste time to walk into his studio. She was going to surprised him until she saw that Jimin was in there with him.
“Hey noona what brings you here?” Jimin asked turning to face her when the door opened. “Hi Jimin I wanted to stop by and say hi. I ran into Namjoon who told me to tell you that dance practice was going to start soon.” Peyton told them. Her and Yoongi wasn’t ready to share with the others of their relationship. Sure, some had an idea what was going on, though they didn’t want to pry. Jimin stood up and walked out without saying anything and when the door closed, Peyton walked over to Yoongi and kissed him on the cheek.
“Ya don’t do that. He may come back in and see.” Yoongi whine but deep down liked it.
“Fine what practice will I be watching?” Peyton said as she watched Yoongi save what he was working on before standing up.
“You’ll find out when we get there.” He said and headed for the door. Peyton followed him and walked beside him on his left.
When they walked into the dance practice room, Peyton saw the members talking with one another. When they saw Yoongi walk in they told Peyton to sit on the couch that was placed in there. All the members got into formation and music started to play. Peyton smiled knowing it was one of her favorite. I NEED U. The guys practice for hours and Peyton grew sleepy. When they took a break, Yoongi saw that Peyton was fighting sleep. He smiled knowing that Peyton was like him when he would sleep. They danced to I NEED U one last time and once they were able to catch their breath, Yoongi woke Peyton up to share with her a song he was working on.

Peyton stood up complained on not wanting to move, but did any ways. When they were no longer in sight of the others, Yoongi took her hand in his. This made Peyton blush but not as red as Yoongi was. When they walked into his studio, Peyton looked around seeing things that he collected and added to the studio. She saw pictures of family and BTS. There was one of Peyton with him in front of the Eiffel Tower. Yoongi walked over to Peyton and taking her hand leading her to his computer. He pushed play and the medley played in the background. Peyton looked to see that they piece he was working on was labeled ‘Not Today’ “Namjoon, Hobi, and I are working on this together. The vocal team will come in and work with us on the lyrics.” He told her while watching her closed her eyes. She liked it and he was happy that she did.

He sat down and had her sit on his lap while he worked on it. When an hour went by Peyton knew she had to go. Yoongi refused to let her go since they didn’t have much time to really be together. With him working as an idol charming his fans with his wonderful music. With Peyton, she was busy with clients by taking their photographers for events. Walking her to the door of his studio he told her good bye. Right when she was walking out the door, Yoongi grabbed her and snuck a kiss. He was embarrassed that he did that more than holding her hand. He was to the point on not carrying if others saw. When he stepped back from the kiss, Peyton stepped towards him and kissed him before leaving.

There you go as I promised earlier today a story to with the results. If you like I can write another story with my results in 1st person. Just let me know!

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