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She sat waiting patiently on her couch. Reading a book that she found at work. Every now and then she'd look over at the clock, it was coming to eight. She figured he'd be done around nine, maybe ten. Her little baby god wouldn't be home until eleven.

All of a sudden, there was a pounding on her door. She jumped up. They were pounding hard, it even sounded like they were kicking it too. She was too frightened to answer much less check to see who it was. Then it stopped. A piece of paper was slipped under the door. She approached slowly, afraid that they'll kick it hard enough and it'll come flying open. She peered through the peep hole. There was no one. She debated opening the door. She seen her neighbor across the hall look out their door, then they started yelling down the hall. She strained her eye looking in the direction but couldn't see anything or anyone.

Her neighbor came across the hall and knocked once, she opened right away.

β€œWhat was that all about? Are you bringing trouble here?” He asked still upset about all the noise, β€œI'm going to report you to the landlord!”

β€œI have no idea who that was” she looked down the hallway, β€œI was just sitting there… I don't know what's going on. Maybe they had the wrong door” She stepped back into her apartment and closed the door. She picked the paper up and read it. She crumpled it up and threw it towards the door. She started to wish for her baby god to come sooner. She paced back and forth from the front door to the window. Peeking out both. She was nervous.

She grabbed her phone, her bag, making sure her wallet was in it. She got dressed wondering if she should just pack a little bag of clothes. She decided not to.

She went down the stairs cautiously. She peeked out the door, carefully looking in all around as she stepped out into the street. There were too many people around but maybe that was a good thing. She walked down the street pulling her face mask on. She started to text him, telling him what had happened. Halfway through her text, she heard a car come to a screeching halt. She turned to see what had happened.

All she remembers is someone jumping out, grabbing her arm and shoving her into a car.

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