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If you can't be together forever what would you do?
Y / N You woke up to a light tapping on your shoulder,"Nayeon!" You looked around at an unfamiliar location,"Where are we?" You asked as Jimin popped up from behind her,"We're at your grandmother's place. Here hold on to me." You did as you were told as you wrapped your hands around his neck as he carried you onto your wheelchair. "Here Nayeon do your thing Jin and the boys will meet you at the beach don't be late." You looked up at them as he leaned in and gave Nayeon a quick peck. "Okay let's get you dressed." You looked up at her,"For what?" "A wedding." You slowly nodded as she helped you inside the house. You looked at the knick knacks on the shelves. You smiled as an angel figurine caught your eye. "This is my grandmother's place?" She nodded,"Do you remember?" You shook your head,"No I remember Jimin telling me just now." She gave me a pained expression as she hid it with a smile. That's all they ever seem to do nowadays. Hide their pain with a smile. "Let's get you dressed okay?" You nodded as she squeezed you into a white dress. "Woah this dress is beautiful." Nayeon looked at you emotionally,"Very Beautiful..." "I'm here, sorry fixing up the beach was harder than the boys thought." A beautiful girl said as she walked in fixing her hair and make up a bit. "Great! Suzy do her makeup real quick. I am going to go and get myself ready too." The beautiful girl then dropped her hairbrush and grabbed a makeup brush,"I got this!" After they finished your makeup and hair Suzy and Nayeon rolled you to the beach where you found a jaw dropping set. There at the beach were seats covered in white laces lined up as the guests stared at me. Nayeon and Suzy took their seats as my father grabbed my wheel chair as he rolled me down the aisle decorated by flowers leading to a flower arch. You smiled as tears rolled down your cheeks. You didn't know if it was out of happiness or if it was the sadness filling up inside you. But it didn't matter when you saw right under the arch was none other than Kim Seokjin. He stood their handsomely with his blacksuit and bowtie standing next to Jungkook, Youngjae and Jimin. Your father then smiled as Jin grabbed your wheelchair,"Take care of my little girl." Jin smiled reassuring your father,"Of course Mr.Choi." After the officiator of the wedding made his speech he turned to Jin,"Do you Kim Seokjin take Choi Y/N as your lawfully wedded wife for ever and ever till death do you apart."Jin nodded,"I do." The priest then turned to you,"Do you Choi Y/N take Kim Seokjin as your lawfully wedded husband for ever and ever till death do you apart?" You cried as the word death sent a stinging across your chest, "I do...even long after death." "I now pronounce you two man and wife. Kim Seokjin you can now kiss the bride." Jin then kneeled down as he leaned forward placed his thumb on your cheeks wiping the tears that fell from your cheeks. You gave him a smile as you felt his lips brush against yours. "I love you Choi Y/N." "I love you more Kim Seokjin." He smiled as he carried you off your wheelchair and down the aisle. "Where are we going?" "Our reception." You laughed as he put you into a car with the words J U S T  M A R R I E D written on the back. "How long did it take for you to plan this?" "A couple of months." "You could've told me. You know?" He laughed his wiper laugh making you laugh as well,"And ruin the surprise for my beautiful bride." You rolled your eyes,"Are you stupid? Weddings aren't supposed to be a surprise." He then grabbed my hands and held it while driving laughing as he kissed it. When the two of you arrived at the venue everyone was already there just waiting for you two. Jin then carried you as he placed you on the seat meant for the bride and groom. Jimin then got up from his seat as he went up to make a speech,"Wow...Y/N my bestfriend...I got engaged first but you got married first. You went through alot this past year but I am so happy that you finally got the happy ending you deserved. Y/N!" You smiled,"What!" He then made a heart with his body making you and Jin laugh,"I love you! And Jin!" Jin smiled as he screamed,"What!" "Take care of her." He said softly into the microphone,"She's like my little sister." He nodded and mouthed of course. You looked around at the party everyone happily dancing, eating, and drinking. It was at this moment you started crying. Jin noticed and he grabbed your hand,"What's wrong babe?" "I want to live Jin...I don't want to die..." He looked at you as he pulled you in a hug as he buried your face making sure that no one was seeing you cry. "Y/N..." "I thought I was finally ready but after today it makes me want to stay here with you...I want to be able to kiss you, to hug you , and to wake up next to you everyday for the next 10 years." He hugged you tightening the embrace,"But it's just not possible...Jin I don't want to die..." He loosens his grip and looks you in the eyes as he started to cry,"I don't want to lose you Y/N...I don't want to wake up and live my days without you by my side...you warned me that this was how it's going to be...but I didn't listen..." "Do you regret it?" He shook his head as he placed his forehead on mine looking down on the floor,"Never...I love you more than when we started...and I'll continue loving you. Just know that." You smiled as he placed a hand on your cheeks placing a gentle kiss on your lips. "I'll always love you until the day I die." You smiled at him as you held his hands. The rest of the night you held his hands. You didn't want to be away from him for even just a second. You wanted to just be near him. No just be with him. You knew you weren't going to be with him for long but you knew at least for that night you could be. ⚜ House Of Disquietude Taglist ⚜ Queens/Kings; @geekywriterabby @Bangtanss @AimeeH @Lexxcisco @SkyBlast @Jaerinn @hskswife @MelissaGarza @SaraDarWish Royalty Family; @AbbyRoscoe @SugaKookieV @LemonLassie @SimplyAwkward @KenyaMendoza @SarahHibbs @EmilyCayetano @twistedPuppy @sarahdarwish If you want to be tagged/untagged please go ahead and ask in the comments below. 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