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Preview for Episode 6 CY: In this place, there is a strict rank. ES: Rank? MS: Who’s side is our ES on? Tan: Why don’t you sit somewhere else? YD: Now I feel like eating. YD with aegyo: Eat a lot, transfer student. Tan: Transfer back to your old school. R: You arrogant b*ch. Don’t let your name and Tan’s come from other kids’ mouths as a set. ES: You may not believe me but I want the same thing. Tan: Did you cry? ES: Can you pretend that you don’t know me? Tan: Stay next to me. Tan’s dad: This is my second child. Tan: I didn’t come here on purpose. Won: See what happens when you move without knowing anything. JS to KA: Don’t you know that you and I can’t be seen together? KA: Am I Rapunzel? YD: This is your chance to leave before the words “Only being the child of mistress…” come out of my mouth. Tan: There is no more hope for us being friends. ================================= Thank you YuAn20 for sharing the sub translation ^^ I've included the official preview video here!