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Themes within this story are for a mature audience. Please be advised

“[Y/N]... please don’t do this. please,” Hoseok begged as he clung to your wrists. You let out a shaky sigh as you looked down at him sitting on the couch. “[Y/N], this will pass. You don’t need to do this,” Hoseok pleaded as he placed his face against your stomach. The tears you were trying so hard to hold back suddenly started to stream your cheeks. “Hoseok, you know if we keep this up it will only hurt you. I can’t stand to watch this hurt you or your career,” you said as you tried to keep your tears calm. Hoseok squeezed you tighter as his body shook from his cries. You brushed your fingers through his silky brown hair. “I’m sorry, I should have been more careful,” Hoseok choked. “Hoseok, it was bound to happen. We were already so careful. We just can’t continue this. You’re nothing without your fans.” Hoseok suddenly stood up his face looking down in yours as he yelled, “I’m nothing without you [Y/N]! You think I stepped into this lightly?” His voice softened as he cupped your face with his hand. “I simply can’t do this without you anymore. I need you by my side.” Your bottom lip quivered as you pressed your face against his hand with your eyes squeezed shut. “Hoseok,” your breath shook as you spoke, “This is so unfair.” Hoseok brushed your cheek with his other hand and caressed it lightly. “Then stop fighting against me.” The sudden feeling of his lips pressed against yours made you inhale deeply. This one kiss from Hoseok made it feel as if he was trying to cement all you were with him, making it even more difficult for you to leave. You wanted to stay. You didn’t want to leave him, but you felt as if it was your only option. News articles slandering Hoseok had recently been released because of your relationship with him. His fans along with BTS’s fans didn’t support Hoseok being in a relationship. Everyone believed he should be with someone with status and wealth, not you. You were a low level worker in a marketing company who just so happen to meet Hoseok on the street. But that moment of meeting his eyes for the first time would always be your most precious moment. You knew who he was even though you pretended not to. But now it was a scandal and it was harming Hoseok’s career. Who would have thought your love was so toxic. You pushed Hoseok back to pull away from his kiss. “[Y/N]...” Hoseok weakly whispered. “I’m,” you started followed by a sniffle as your tears continued to fall, “I’m sorry.” You grabbed your jacket from the arm of the couch and started to walk away. He quickly grasped your wrist preventing you from getting very far. “Don’t go,” He demanded. The sound of a phone vibrating rang through the quiet room. “You need to answer that,” You said as you pulled your wrist free from his grasp. “[Y/N] wait!” With a fast pace you made it to the entry way and started to put on your shoes. Hoseok suddenly pushed you against a wall, his hand resting next to your head. “I’m not letting you go,” he said as he stared into your eyes. His breath was heavy while yours was calm. He bit the inside of his bottom lip as he returned your gaze. “Hoseok, you know that-” “No. I know that we can get through this. You don’t have to leave. You think you leaving is going to make a major difference in anything? They just want something to talk about. This will pass. You’re stronger than this.” “But I can’t stand living with the idea of all of this harms your career.” “My career is fine. The group is fine. Bighit already knew about us so they knew something like this was bound to happen.” “But-” “[Y/N], I’m allowed to love who I want. The only person who gets to control my heart is me. And if my heart wants to love you for the next century then I’m going to keep you by my side. I’m not going to let you go and live a life of regret. A life without you is not living.” Breathless, you watched Hoseok’s eyes soften. “Will you please stay [Y/N]?” Unable to speak you nodded in response, deciding it was best to trust Hoseok. Hoseok wrapped you in his arms, squeezing you between the wall and himself, and kissed you deeply. You clutched the fabric of his shirt on his chest and wanted to pull him closer even though it was physically impossible. Hoseok pulled back from the kiss, his breath heavy and ragged. You watched his eyes as they looked everywhere but your own. “Oppa,” you said quietly. Without hesitation, Hoseok picked you up and pinned you against the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he kissed your neck. Your breaths were getting heavier at the tingling sensation of his lips and hot breath tickling your skin. Pressing you against the wall, Hoseok wrapped his hand around the back of your head making you look down at him. He kissed you deeply as his tongue explored your mouth. Your fingers tangled themselves in his brown locks knowing they wanted to explore further. Hoseok carried you back to the couch and laid you down against the cool fabric. Your chest heaved in anticipation as you watched Hoseok stand at the end of the couch with hungry eyes. He removed his shirt in one swift motion revealing his beautiful golden skin. You watched as his chest rose and fell. You couldn’t help but think about how Hoseok was a walking work of art. Hoseok leaned over you and grabbed the hem of your shirt. As he slowly pulled your shirt off of you he made sure to kiss your skin lightly up until he was met with your lips again. Each kiss lingered on your skin as you craved more. Hoseok continued to explore you further, worshipping you with deep passion. You didn’t care if people heard your cries. Hoseok was giving you everything you wanted and more. His hand brushed your skin in the right way. His kisses were placed with the perfect amount of pressure leaving you longing for more. He said your name in the perfect tone over and over again. The blissful feeling that radiated through your being made your heart pound faster and faster. With one final cry, your body relaxed with slow heavy breaths and closed eyes. You opened your eyes to the feeling of Hoseok kissing your knee. A smile broke your lips as you watched him kiss your knee one more time then rest his forehead against it. “Hoseok,” you quietly said. Hoseok looked over at you through the corners of his eyes and smiled widely. Hoseok moved to lay next to you and pulled you to lay on his chest. Your fingers danced along his ribs as you listened to his heart beat in his chest. “I’m sorry,” you said remembering how you were acting before. You could feel tears rise to your eyes again knowing you shouldn't have said the things you did. “It’s okay. I’ll never let you go [Y/N],” Hoseok said. You and Hoseok looked at each other awkwardly, due to how you were lying, and smiled. “Though you do have to make it up to me,” he said with a sly smile. “Oh yeah? And how do I do that,” you asked with an even slyer smile. “I’ve got a few ideas,” Hoseok said as he pulled you up to kiss you for the nth time that evening.
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