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Edit: about 4 hours later YouTube FINALLY responded on Twitter and now the views are fixed and are going up as normal thank GOD. o
So this came out yesterday at 5am PST (my time. I think it was 9pm KST but I can't remember exactly) and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT. ITS AMAZING AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF THE ALBUM. AT ALL. If you were to stick a radio in my soul, the album would be playing because that the exact type of music that I love 😍😍😍😍😍 But.... Oh ho but...
See that view count? 455,237? I basically memorized that yesterday because YouTube royally FUCKED MONBEBE and MX over YET AGAIN and got the viewcount stuck like that for over 15 hours after it was released πŸ™ƒ and then...
I checked it like five minutes ago (about 9am PST) and THIS. THIS IS WHAT WE're dealing with. Oh and what's even better?!
The view count on 1theK(원더케이) went DOWN (or views were taken from it). Meanwhile HIGHLIGHT/ old beast (I'm still not used to the new name >_> ) already has 1.2M views and it's been out for way less time than Beautiful has. What. The. Fuck. Usually I stay out of things like this, but this is it. I'm pissed. Im actually so mad that I'm giving myself a headache. Guys please, PLEASE write to YouTube in the forums and send feedback at the bottom of the page on your browser and tell YouTube to fix its shiT. This is a matter of getting MX their first win or not and is EXTREMELY important to us!!!! Sorry for the angry card ;-; but I'm not letting this happen without a fight. Tagging the Fam: @KellyOConnor @Amandamuska @JinsPrincess86 @MonieManhiM @Kpopandkimchi @destiny1419 @YazminG95 @KpopGaby @B1A4BTS5ever @RubyCortez @Chocolat09 @thePinkPrincess @nenegrint14 @punkpandabear @Isoldapazo @torress2403 @LysetteMartinez @YessicaCardenas @bubblekookie @BEAUTY1MONBEBE2 @StefaniTre @JezziCrypt @MaelstromVIP @raenel @cns1391 @VeronicaArtino
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I'm still angry over this and I'm gonna be angry for a while. The boys deserve their first win and YouTube is gonna screw them over because of this :(
Exactly. The worst part is people will blame Monbebe for not voting/ viewing enough when the reality is we ARE but the websites, for whatever reason, screw us over :(