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So, as many of you should know by now, yesterday was Monsta X's comeback and man is it killer. If you still haven't watched the video, here's the link for both starship and 1thek.
However, the comeback isn't what this post is really about. As many Monbebe's have come to see, yesterday both videos were stuck on views. Starships being stuck at 455,237 (yes I had it memorized that's how long it was stuck) and 211k on the 1thek video. So I wake up this morning(ok this afternoon because come on! I'm on spring break and man am I going to catch up on some sleep.) and I go to look at the views. So Starships video has 760k and 1thek has 188k. Do you know how angry it made me seeing that 1thek's video had lost views? I am still beyond ticked off. Like if you saw my twitter and tumblr you would know how upset I am right now. Monbebe's wanted to try so hard to get Monsta X the views they deserve. I hope we can still feel them their first win :(
I feel like Monsta X is going to be like will take a while to get these talented boys a win.
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GOT7, Beast/Highlight, and CN Blue all released their albums right on top of Monsta X, unfortunately. BTOB lost out to Twice promoting for another week and Taeyeon. (sigh). I feel bad for both groups (and Astro), because all of them are amazing and don't have the awards to show it.
My heart ❤️ stopped