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Here is a quick chapter. My plan failed for posting both stories before I left for my trip. Work was crazy and coming back from my trip work was crazy again. Get ready for hella chapters to make up for it. I'm sorry!!
"Obvious much."Jade said walking by. "What you mean?"I asked cleaning the table. "We saw you and Simon.I'm pretty sure Jay saw it too.Y'all are about to oust yourselves." "So much for trying to hide it."JeHan said coming to help. "Nothing happened.Jay didn't see anything.Only you two did because your the ones that know.Anyways.Did our schedule change for language class?"I asked taking the dishes to the kitchen. "Yeah.Are new schedule starts tomorrow after work.Wait when do you start practice?" "Oh snap I told him the old days.Not sure.He'll let me know." "Ok well let him know we got classes Tuesdays,Thursday's,and I think we are going study groups Saturdays." "Alright and same times?" "Yeah so 6-8 pm." "Ok cool." We finished cleaning up and continued working.I hope the new schedule doesn't mess with his practice times. Fingers crossed I can do both.
~House~ I was laying in bed after my shower going through my snaps and I get a text from Simon. KiSeokie💕:Come over for dinner.I'll pick you up in 2 hours. I quickly texted him back and ran to my closet quickly going through some outfits. Umm this one should be good. Can't go wrong with a romper.Easy enough. I put on my romper and began doing my hair and make up.
I got a text from Simon to come downstairs. I grabbed my things and headed out of my room seeing Jay laying on the couch.When did he get here? "Where are you off to?"He asked sitting up. Umm.Think Ashley! "Jade and I are just going out." "Ok.Cool.Have fun." He believed it! Ok lying ain't that hard haha.
I slipped on my shoes and headed out going to down the elevator to the floor ground.I walked out seeing Simon pulling up right on time.I walked up to the car getting into the passenger side and leaned over giving him a kiss. "So Beautiful. You going to help me cook?" "Me?"I asked. "Yes you." Damn. I mean I can cook but it's only certain things.Imma butcher this dinner!! "Oh yeah sure.Lets cook." He just smiled and drove to his house. ~Simon House~ "Simon."I called coming out the kitchen seeing what he wanted to drink. "It's no one.Just a random girl." "It's Jay"he mouthed towards me. I nodded and stayed quiet until their phone call was finished. "Does Jay know about us?"He asked. "No.Why?" "He straight up called asking if I have any interest in you." "You think he noticed at the cafe.Damn they were right." "Who was?" "Jade and JeHan.They know but they wouldn't say anything." "What did The say?" "That we looked obvious,but I thought it's because they know that they saw it." "Damn.Well I told him I didn't.That should make him not think about it anymore." "Hope so.But back to what I was going to ask you.What do you want to drink?" "Umm a beer sounds good." "Alright.One beer it is." I headed back to the kitchen grabbing him a beer and myself a water.I set them down next to our plates and now it's time to see if I butchered this dinner. Simon came over sitting next to me and he took the first bite and I watched him. He hasn't made a nasty face so I think I'm good. "How is it?"I asked. "Babe this is really good.We make a good team." "We do."I smiled and began to eat.