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Hey Otakus!

Today im doing an Anime Review on a Very well known Anime called One Punch Man! Now before I commence my Review I do have to warn the people who have not seen this Anime yet that there will be *SOME SPOILERS AHEAD* so please continue to read on your own Terms❤


(Anime : Action/Sci-fi/Comedy)
This Anime is about a man named Saitama who is a Hero for fun. Literally just for fun he doesn't seek money nor does he care if people end up hating him, he just wishes to be an amazing Hero and he wishes to find someone up to his level for you see... every person he has fought against he always takes them out with... you guessed it.. One Punch hence the name "One Punch Man". While doing what he always does, Saitama ends up meeting amazing Heros and Villains as well on his journey to becoming an A Class Hero. Genos sees Saitama and becomes truly amazed at how Strong he is and wishes to become his student which he does achieve by stalking him until he agrees xD. Saitama & Genos together do amazing things and it's up to you if you wish to know exactly what they are x3

{Animation Review}

Animation wise this Anime has it ALL! Amazing action part scenes that dont dissapoint to hilarious moments that without the amazing Animation could never be truly funny. If I had to rate it from a 1 out of 10 it would be a solid 9. The reason I don't give this animation a 10 is due to how unsatisfied i am with Saitama's face xD (If you watch it you'll understand me soon) but overall really good Animation❤

{Plot Review} *Spoiler*

When it comes to the Plot I have only but one.....ONE problem with it. Why make my poor baby Saitama not be recognized for how amazing he is?! I get it the Hero development needs to happen (especially since there is a Season 2 coming soon xD) but Saitama is so DAMN awesome it just pains me to see him in the situation he is. I dont want to go into great detail about the plot but overall without this problem I believe the plot is pretty good especially since we got to know how Saitama became what he is today #ThatBackStoryTho (xD) so the Plot in my opinion is a 8 put of 10. TuT its ok Saitama Your Day will come!

{Music Review}

The OP to this Anime is so... sooo... DAMN AWESOME! It represents how badass our Main Character is that by the time you finish this anime you wont be able to get this song out of your head! 10 out 10 for this one! If you wish to hear the OP Song click HERE to hear it x3

I hope you guys enjoyed my Review on this Anime and I hope that those who still haven't watched it get to after reading this! Thanks for Reading!❤

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It's a great anime!!!
@SeanBlake I sure can😁 Welcome to the list
can you add me to the reviews tag list please
I only watched it recently after watching Mob Phyco 100 and kinda get the hype now :') Its all about those fight scenes... they are so beautifully animated! Great review ^.^
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@ErzaScarlet56 \TuT/ Thank you it means a lot and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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