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She hasn't said exactly what station... so it makes me wonder if she is going to do a podcast or something else for this interview... but dang!!! My anxiety is going crazy!!
She is actually frustrating me quite a bit... she isnt answering fans questions about... what station it will be on... what her snap is... *sighs* I just wanna see and hear BTS... is that too much to ask for!

I'll update this card as I hear/ see more info. :)


so... i totally went into stalking mod *i could be a dang FBI agent* her snap UN is yo-ellie ... in case you wanted to know...

my heart... omg... it hurts...

The interview is already done.... like... wtf....

"..............." *sighs*

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And why is someone unknown interviewing them😂😂
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Who even is that
the chick that is going to interview them... 😂😆 i have never heard of her b4 this.. so idk a lot about her
Omg it's on her ig story
So will the interview be released later?? Or was it supposed to be watched live?
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I found one part of the interview on YouTube so I'm guessing that's how the other ones will be uploaded!